Our Favorite App of the Month: Buffer!

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Let’s face it: social media can be a little intimidating! Once you’ve crafted the perfect post, how do you decide the best time to share it and which platform needs more content? This month, we are highlighting an app we use daily that helps solve this issue and more! Keep scrolling to learn why Buffer is the BIGteam’s favorite app of the month. 

What It Is: 
Buffer is a social media managing app that lets you collaborate to plan, create and schedule online content. Users can post on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts from one main dashboard to be released immediately, or scheduled for a specific time.
Why We Love It:
The BIGteam loves Buffer because it allows us to streamline our social media content across multiple platforms. Buffer not only provides an organized team workspace, but it also makes our entire social media process more efficient, from drafting posts to analyzing reach. Here are a few of our favorite Buffer perks:  

  • With Buffer’s scheduling feature, users can customize share settings to create a timely, continuous flow of information. Sharing options include posting now or next, adding content to the general queue or publishing at a specific time and date. Users can look at scheduled posts in list or calendar form, which helps to visualize and identify areas where more content can be added. 
  • Buffer’s collaborative workspace also prevents content overlap, as each team member can see what others plan to post on every platform! 
  • The app lets you condense your posts by crunching links into popular URL shorteners, such as bit.ly, buff.ly and j.mp, so your content is more readable and engaging. 
  • Speaking of post engagement, Buffer can help track that too! After publishing content, you can review clicks, comments, retweets, likes and shares on the analytics tab. This function also allows you to track your most popular posts to see what tactics you can use in future content!
  • This app also makes it easy to import GIFs and photos directly into your draft! Buffer will autofill available images from your downloads, or you can simply drag and drop a photo from your desktop. 

Tips For Using It:
Download Buffer onto your desktop menu bar for quick, easy access. Copy your text, click on Buffer’s logo, choose your preferred platform and paste your content into the text box. Here, links will automatically change to a shortened URL version, and you can supplement your post with photos or GIFs (another BIGteam favorite tool!). On this screen, you can then choose when you want to publish your content.
Buffer is also available on iOS, Google Play and Android, so you can manage social media away from your desk. 
How To Get It:
Different versions of Buffer are available on the company website and through a Chrome extension, starting with a free, single-user plan that includes three social accounts and 10 scheduled posts. Other Buffer plans include:

  • Pro for $15/month: 8 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts, one user
  • Premium for $65/month: 8 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, two users
  • Business for $99/month: 25 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, six users

Does your office love Buffer? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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