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4 gift boxes on red carpet with text "BIGfish Delivers Major Cyber Monday Coverage!"
Posted on 11/28/2022
by BIGfish

BIGfish Delivers Major Cyber Monday Coverage

BIGfish Mid-November Coverage Header with brown/ orange leaves
Posted on 11/16/2022
by BIGfish

BIGfish Mid-November Coverage

BIGfish CEO David Richard on NBC10
Posted on 11/14/2022
by BIGfish

David Gerzof Richard Appears on CBS Boston and NBC Boston Discussing Recent Twitter Changes

BIGfish CEO David Richard with NBC Logo and News Headline below
Posted on 11/10/2022
by BIGfish

David Richard Speaks with NBC Boston Concerning Recent META Layoffs

List ranking with BIGfish PR and 4 other PR agencies / firms
Posted on 11/01/2022
by BIGfish

BIGfish PR Ranks Best Public Affairs Public Relations Firm by Clutch

Magnifying glass over text that reads "TOP PR AGENCIES"
Posted on 10/11/2022
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BIGfish PR Named A Top PR Agency

Posted on 10/09/2022
by BIGfish

How to Write a Public Relations RFP & Hire the Right Agency

Kim Kardashian at a KKW Beauty Launch
Posted on 10/04/2022
by BIGfish

Avoiding Kim Kardashian’s Mistakes

Posted on 07/12/2022
by BIGfish

How to Get Press Coverage at CES 2023

BIGfish PR | Holiday Gift Guides
Posted on 07/12/2022
by BIGfish

It’s July! When’s The Right Time to Start Doing Holiday Gift Guide Outreach?