We make your story impossible to ignore.

As public relations experts, we take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders. By integrating traditional PR with digital media, we capture greater mindshare and market share for our clients.

BIGfish Public Relations Services

Public Relations

Every company has a story; we’re here to tell it. We communicate our clients’ visions by bringing timely, honest and compelling stories to the right audiences. BIGfish campaign strategies focus on effectively raising awareness and telling your brand’s story through news coverage and improved search visibility.


Digital Media

The evolution of digital media has blurred the lines between PR and social media. At BIGfish, we strategically integrate the best methods of media relations and digital marketing to drive value and impact for our clients. Our digital strategies identify and engage the right influencers for your brand.

Industries we serve

As public relations experts, we take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders.

Consumer Electronics, Smart Home & IOT
Health & Wellness
Transportation & Travel
Energy & Sustainability
Safety & Security
Mobile Devices & Connectivity

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From the outset, BIGfish was formed around a core commitment to provide the best possible service to our clients.

This commitment stems from our agency’s roots, which are not tied to former agencies, but rather the marketing and communications departments within tech startups. Having managed multiple PR agencies in-house, our founding team experienced firsthand what it was like to work with PR agencies and was underwhelmed. As a result, BIGfish was built from the ground up around how an agency should engage with, counsel, and collaborate with clients.

BIGfish’s driving goal, our North Star, is to be recognized by each one of our clients not just as their agency of record, but also as part of their communication team. We are not a sales organization; we seek to build long-standing partnerships by providing strong communication, unwavering dedication, and exceptional counsel. This ensures that our clients truly understand campaign strategies and tactics and feel comfortable with and confident in the decisions we make as a team.

We listen. We look to poke holes in strategies and tactics to anticipate and catch potential problems before they happen. We constantly seek to understand our clients’ most important goals and objectives, and what it will take to achieve them. In short, we do everything in our power to ensure client success.

Case Studies


Opening more doors for the premier video doorbell.


Getting press for the original 3D printing press

American Robotics

Taking flight with the new leader in autonomous drones

Cowin Audio

Turning up the volume on press coverage for Cowin Audio

MIT Technology Review

Amplifying the news from the tech industry’s top events and news outlet.


Driving results through a hands-on reviews approach for a hands-free client.


Guiding our clients through the tech industry’s most influential event of the year.

Holiday Gift Guides

Making our clients’ products the must-have gifts every season.