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Posted on 01/17/2023
by BIGfish

From CNN to Good Morning America: BIGfish PR’s 2022 Strategy Reaches Potential Audience of Over 4 Billion

Posted on 01/09/2023
by BIGfish

CES is Back: After 2 Years of COVID Concerns the Tech Show Bounces Back!

What is public relations? How does PR work?
Posted on 12/08/2022
by BIGfish

What is Public Relations?

Posted on 10/09/2022
by BIGfish

How to Write a Public Relations RFP & Hire the Right Agency

Posted on 09/01/2022
by BIGfish

How to Get Press Coverage at CES 2023

Posted on 08/03/2022
by Nicolette Tetrault

The PR Power of Timely Moments

BIGfish PR | Holiday Gift Guides
Posted on 07/12/2022
by BIGfish

It’s July! When’s The Right Time to Start Doing Holiday Gift Guide Outreach?

Posted on 06/01/2022
by Nicolette Tetrault

Agency or In-House? Here’s Why Outsourcing PR is the Way to Go

Posted on 04/08/2022
by Laura Shubel

April Fool’s Day: Careful Planning Creates Buzz

Posted on 02/23/2022
by BIGfish

BIGfish PR Predictions & Trends for 2022