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How to Get Press at CES

by Chelsea Higgins

consumer electronics public relations technology

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is one of the most prolific tech trade shows in the world. Tech companies from all over descend on Las Vegas for a week in January to announce new products and get face time with some of the most well-known reporters and outlets in the industry. With 6,365 registered press members attending CES in 2019, the opportunities to tell a company's story are boundless. However, there is tremendous competition to have products and announcements stand out in the noise of CES. Finding the right PR partner early can help a company effectively navigate CES and ensure participation in the show is successful and generates lasting results.   

BIGfish Communications is heading back to CES 2017! Clients Ring, Petnet and Nightingale will all be there - see what they have in store!

CES 2017: Keep an eye out for these tech gadgets!

by Adriana Howell

consumer electronics technology

It’s that time of year again! Every January since 2006 (except the year we were snowed in), the BIGfish team migrates to Las Vegas to participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and share client news with the tech world. This year is no different; we’ll be attending CES 2017 with clients Ring, Petnet and Nightingale. Here’s what to expect from them:  

6 New Tech Upgrades Helpful for Entrepreneurs

by David Gerzof Richard

consumer electronics public relations

Every year in early January a crop of shiny, new technologies is unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES. A handful of these new technologies will be very useful to entrepreneurs. The trick is finding them at a tradeshow with 2.2 million square feet of exhibit space overflowing with consumer goods ranging from TV's to toys to self-driving vehicles.  

How to Survive (and Thrive) at CES

by Bristol Whitcher

consumer electronics technology

Ah December, a time filled with holiday cheer, New Year’s celebrations, rest and relaxation. That is, unless you work in the tech industry (i.e. tech PR - us; tech reporters; industry analysts; consumer tech companies; etc.), in which case, you’re most likely gearing up for CES happening Jan. 6-9, 2016. We’re still not sure why they decide to pack it in so close to the holidays, but that’s just the world we’re living in. The tech PR life didn’t choose us, we chose the tech PR life. For those who aren’t aware, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is an internationally recognized, massive (no really, last year 170,000 people attended) annual trade show, showcasing the best of the best in, yup, you guessed it - the consumer electronics world. It may only be 96 hours long, but trust us, it’s a whirlwind full of press events, booth meetings, keynotes, conferences and more.  

BIGfish at CES 2015

BIGfish’s Best of #CES2015

by Bristol Whitcher

consumer electronics our team technology

Last week, the BIGfish team traveled to Las Vegas to take on the International Consumer Electronics Show. We attended press events Pepcom and Showstoppers alongside clients Ring, TYLT and Inmoji, and spent some time walking the show floor at CES where we encountered some pretty cool tech! With more than 20,000 new product announcements made by 3,600+ exhibitors laid out 2.2 million square feet, CES can be daunting. It’s hard to pick out just a few special products, but here are a few that really stood out to us.  

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