BIG FISH PR and Bevi: Crafting a Data-Driven Narrative Impossible to Ignore

Two people standing in front of a Bevi (BIGfish PR Client) Machine

The power of data is undeniable. In this age of information, data has secured its place as a critical storytelling tool. The perfect example of this happened recently when BIGfish client Bevi harnessed the power of its water consumption data from its 5,000+ machines across the U.S. to to understand return-to-office (RTO) trends. 

This data earned Bevi a spotlight in Bloomberg: “The amount of water dispensed in machines sold by Bevi — a Boston-based startup that provides Internet-connected coolers to more than 5,000 businesses across the US — mirrors the office occupancy rates tracked by security firm Kastle Systems throughout the pandemic. In 2021, when the delta and omicron variants of Covid-19 gripped the nation, Bevi’s machines were operating at 28% of pre-pandemic levels for the full year, in line with Kastle’s 30% return-to-office rate.”

Bevi’s modern water coolers created insight into RTO trends. The BIGfish team’s top tier storytelling skills, and Bevi’s data, created a story that was impossible to ignore. From a single feature in Bloomberg, Bevi’s data story has been picked up by Fortune, Business Insider, the New York Post, and more.


The journey of Bevi’s data is a testament to the importance of data in storytelling. BIGfish Assistant Account Director, Devan West says, “This story proves how valuable exclusive, real-time data can be for reporters to help tell a larger story. It’s a matter of leveraging key stats to pinpoint trends and tap into relevant conversations in the media, which in this case, was highly accurate data on return-to-office trends across the country based on actual levels of usage from Bevi customers.” By using real, measurable data, BIGfish has helped Bevi capture the attention of the business world and beyond. As Bevi’s story is continuing to unfold and more companies look to leverage data in their storytelling, this success will serve as a powerful reminder of the significance of solid data when telling compelling stories.

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