BIGfish at #2013CES: Part 4 – The Best Local Technology Roundup


While walking the CES show floor on Tuesday, the BIGfish team took some time to scout out the coolest technology from Boston-area companies. David Gerzof Richard even went on Fox 25’s morning news (less than 12 hours after returning from Las Vegas – true dedication!) to share these awesome products with viewers.
So, which local products did we think were the best? We’ve created a handy list for you here. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for photos of each product. Enjoy!

  1. CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch

Launched via Kickstarter on January 8, the CST-01 is a 0.80mm thin flexible wristwatch with an E Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel. This minimalistic timepiece weighs less than 5 pennies, and has already surpassed its goal of $200,000, having raised more than $270,000 in just three days.


  1. nectar™ Power Fuel Cell Charger

Developed by Lilliputian Systems, nectar™ is the world’s first portable power system. Unlike other back-up batteries or recharging devices, nectar does not ever need to be plugged into an outlet, and provides any USB 2.0 compatible CE device from 2 weeks to a month of mobile power. nectar™ is available for pre-order via Brookstone for $299.


  1. ONGUARD “Origami” Vertex Case

ONGUARD’s newest case for the iPhone 5 and iPad is the “origami” Vertex case, which enables users to instantly convert their leather case into a collapsible stand. The lightweight cover provides shock protection with the added benefit of a built-in stand.


  1. iRobot Mirra 530

The latest device from iRobot is Mirra, an automatic pool cleaner that can filter more than 4,000 gallons per hour. Mirra includes rotating brushes that enable the device to scrub any pool without using its filtration system. The robot will be available this spring for $1,300.


  1. DoorBot: The WiFi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell

DoorBot is a simple, yet powerful wireless doorbell that streams live video and audio of your front door directly to your smartphone or tablet. At $169, the device enables you to stay connected to your home, no matter where you are. For $319, backers can buy a version that’s fully compatible with Lockitron, enabling you to unlock your door remotely.


  1. Dragon Speech Recognition Software by Nuance

Dragon, often cited as the gold standard in voice recognition software, uses your voice to create and edit documents or emails, launch applications, open files, control your mouse, and more. The company’s new Wintermute project aims to make Nuance’s personal assistant truly personal and platform agnostic by building a profile of individual users in the cloud.


  1. Terrafugia’s Flying Car

Although this was unveiled at last year’s CES, it’s still making headlines – Terrafugia’s street-legal version of its flying car first took flight this past March. At $279,000, the 35 mpg vehicle uses conventional unleaded gasoline and can fit in a single-car garage.


  1. Liquipel Watersafe Technology

If you’re worried about your electronic devices succumbing to water damage, here’s your solution. Liquipel is a revolutionary process that applies a watersafe coating to your electronic devices, providing protection in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. Invisible to the human eye, Liquipel penetrates the entire device to coat its vital components inside and out. Yet another year of incredible technology at CES!

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