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Case Study: Open Blue

When the Open Blue team came to BIGfish, they had a vision: to create innovative and responsible aquaculture practices and develop the first commercial-scale open ocean fish farm.

They needed a partner that could not only communicate this vision to the world, but that also truly believed in the work they were doing.

The BIGfish team was quickly onboard (no pun intended) and we went on to secure top tier media coverage of Open Blue, which culminated in a 30 minute CNN segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

That’s Sanjay Gupta in the black dive suit. We flew him down to Panama, strapped a weight belt on him and threw him overboard to swim with the fish.


Click here to watch the full segment.

BIGfish was responsible for coordinating every aspect of the filming with CNN and was on location in Panama to keep everyone on schedule and on message.

7772We put Brian on The Next List because he’s a visionary and he’s using his talent to bring a critical food resource to the world. Where others see obstacles, O’Hanlon sees opportunity. His determination might just steer this centuries old business in the right direction. — Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s The Next List