Tufts University Event Advances The Cellular Agriculture Industry

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Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day 2023 and 2024

Tufts University created a new event, Tufts’ Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day, focused on innovations, research, and discussions in cellular agriculture. The inaugural event kicked off in 2023 and continued in 2024 with conversations about cellular agriculture advancements and what is in store for the future of the industry. Both events feature panels and keynotes from industry leaders as they focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Tufts University Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day Goals

BIG FISH was tasked with establishing Tufts University and its key spokespeople as leading innovators in the cellular agriculture industry. Tufts University engaged BIG FISH to announce the inaugural event and secure media attendance and coverage. Most recently BIG FISH collaborated with the university for the second Tufts Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day in 2024, thanks to the success in 2023.

Event Outreach Strategy 

To drive awareness and coverage for the event, BIG FISH conducted a media-forward outreach strategy. BIG FISH announced the first event with a press release positioning Tufts University at the forefront of the discussion of cutting-edge research, innovation, and investment trends shaping the future of food. BIG FISH lined up in-person and virtual interviews with Tufts’ key thought leaders and local, trade, and mainstream media to introduce the event and line up media coverage. BIG FISH tapped into the media discussion around the growing demand for high-quality proteins and highlighted key speakers and panels to spark media interest in learning about new groundbreaking processes at the events. 

To secure media attendance at the events, BIG FISH highlighted the thought leaders and event panels via a press release, inviting local, trade, and mainstream media focusing on science, innovation and the future of food. For the second annual Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day, BIG FISH also invited media to attend interviews and panel sessions, highlighting new event topics leading up to, during, and following the event to establish Tufts University as a leading innovator in the cellular agriculture space. 


BIG FISH built on the results from the inaugural Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day to continue establishing the event in its second year in 2024.

Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day

The first annual Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day was well attended, with BIG FISH securing 22 in-person and virtual media interviews and 15 media attendees at the event. BIG FISH’s media strategy resulted in over 65.8 million impressions from 11 articles in local, business, and trade media publications including Bloomberg News, Food Navigator, The Boston Globe, The Spoon, and more.

BIG FISH built on these results for Tufts University’s second annual Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day in 2024, securing 14 virtual media attendees. Top media coverage included AgFunder News, Food Business News, Meat+Poultry, and more, with Associated Press, Popular Science, TechCrunch, WIRED, and 10 other outlets attending the event. 

The Coverage

BIG FISH raised awareness for Tufts University’s new Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day, resulting in more than 65.8 million impressions and coverage of the event in Bloomberg News’s Baystate Business podcast, The Boston Globe, Food Business News, The Spoon, and more.

Tuffs University Cellular Agriculture Innovation Day 2023 and 2024

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