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Cowin Audio engaged with BIGfish to create national awareness of the company’s line of innovative in-ear and over-ear headphones. The BIGfish team was tasked with a specific focus on Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Gift Guides, CES 2021, and Cowin’s newest product launches.

At CES 2021, Cowin announced three brand new products: The Apex Elite earbuds, SE9 over-ear headphones, and Cowin Soundbar, each offering users a high quality listening experience at an affordable price.

For more information about Cowin and its products, visit cowinaudio.com.


To garner widespread awareness of Cowin Audio’s products, the BIGfish team conducted aggressive media outreach to targeted reporters at national lifestyle, tech, and audio-focused outlets. Leading up to CES 2021, the team lined up numerous stories to be published on the date of the new product announcement and seeded sample units to a select group of reporters.

Media Outreach
Gift Guides
CES 2021

Over a six month period of time, BIGfish launched 3 products, including Cowin Audio’s first-ever Sound Bar, secured coverage in top-tier outlets for the product launches, and garnered widespread inclusion of Cowin Audio products in Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday gift guides. These efforts resulted in 172 press hits and 2.9 Billion impressions.



As a result of BIGfish’s media strategy and expert approach to CES, Cowin Audio products are widely recognized as some of the most innovative and affordable audio accessories on the market. BIGfish looks forward to continuing its work with Cowin Audio and leading the brand through upcoming product launches and industry tradeshows.

Olivia Tambini

, The top soundbars from CES 2021: Dolby Atmos, transforming designs

, TechRadar

"Now here’s a cheap soundbar that can really do it all. The Cowin Soundbar is a wireless 25W bar that you can either place below your TV or mount on the wall to boost your TV's built-in speakers. So far, so simple. However, if you want to spread the audio around your room, you can simply split the soundbar in two and – voila – you now have two separate speakers that can be placed on either side of your TV or even mounted on opposite walls."

I. Bonifacic

, Cowin's latest earbuds and headphones balance budget and battery life

, Engadget

"While it’s not exactly a household name in the space, Cowin has spent the last couple of years making and selling affordable audio products. The company’s CES 2021 slate promises more of the same. On Monday, Cowin announced two new Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancelling: the in-ear Apex Elite and the over-ear SE9."

Miller Kern

, Best Prime Day deals on headphones

, Mashable

"With hybrid digital noise canceling, you'll finally be able to focus on what you actually want to hear. The SE8 pair from Cowin offers that and much more. Conduct hands-free HD calls with their high-quality built-in microphone and Bluetooth 5.0."

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