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Billion Total Impressions
Total Press Hits
Billion Total Impressions


MIT Technology Review partnered with BIGfish to successfully increase awareness, achieve press attendance and secure top-tier media coverage of their events.


Conduct strategic, top-tier media outreach for all of MIT Technology Review’s events inviting reporters to attend the conferences and encouraging media to cover relevant news coming out of the events.

BIGfish had a 3-pronged approach: invite reporters to attend MIT Technology Review’s events, facilitate interviews onsite at events, and pitch out news from the conferences to relevant media who were unable to attend.

Press Hits from Media Who Attended the Conferences
Industry Trends and List Coverage
Onsite Interview Results

Since January 2018, BIGfish secured 360 press hits and for a potential reach of 1.46 billion around MIT Technology Review’s events, garnering more awareness and higher media attendance at the magazine’s conferences. BIGfish also secured coverage in leading industry publications for these highly anticipated conferences.



As a result of BIGfish’s extensive public relations outreach and onsite assistance, MIT Technology Review’s events have obtained a consistently higher media attendance rate with relevant, top-tier media attending including Reuters, Forbes and TechCrunch.

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Data Sheet, Aaron Pressman

, 50 Trillion Calculations per Second in the Palm of Your Hand

"Part of Singer’s job is to evangelize—he’s in Boston to speak at the EmTech conference—and he’s pitching the ‘democratization of data science.’ Many businesses, from hospitals to farms to shippers, collect data that could reveal critical patterns to help decision-making via yet-to-be created A.I. apps, he says."

Jeffrey Dastin, Paresh Dave

, Ethical question takes center stage at Silicon Valley summit on artificial intelligence

"The big news at the summit, in San Francisco, came from Google, which announced it was launching a council of public policy and other external experts to make recommendations on AI ethics to the company. The discussions at EmTech Digital, run by the MIT Technology Review, underscored how companies are making a bigger show of their moral compass."

WSJ logo

Tom Loftus

, MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Flags AI With Imagination

"MIT Technology Review this week cited the generative adversarial network, or GAN, as one of 2018’s 10 breakthrough technologies. It works something like this: two networks ‘are trained on the same data set’ and pitted ‘against each other in a digital cat-and-mouse game."

forbes logo

Tom Davenport

, On AI and Jobs, We Are All Augmentarians Now

"For a couple of days this week, I attended the EmTech NEXT conference at MIT, which is organized by MIT Technology Review. The focus of the event was that fabled idea ‘The Future of Work,’ and if you are on the side of the humans, the future seems pretty bright. Virtually every speaker (MIT folks, AI and robotics leaders) came out in favor of augmentation over automation."

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