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Case Study: MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review partnered with BIGfish to successfully increase awareness and secure top-tier media coverage of their events.

The strategy: Conduct strategic, top-tier media outreach for all of MIT Technology Review’s events inviting reporters to attend Tech Review conferences and encouraging media to cover relevant news.

BIGfish had a 3-pronged approach: invite reporters to attend MIT Technology Review’s events, facilitate interviews onsite at events, and pitch out news from the conferences to relevant media who were unable to attend.

Press Hits from Media Who Attended the Conferences

Industry Trends and
List Coverage

Onsite Interview

In 6 months, BIGfish secured 180 press hits and 704 million impressions about MIT Technology Review’s events, garnering more awareness and higher media attendance at the magazine’s conferences.


total press hits

million total impressions

At this week’s MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, Baidu gave a demo of one of its most impressive consumer-facing examples of A.I. to date: A Star Trek-style pocket universal translator that is able to translate spoken sentences from English into Mandarin and back again


Luke Dormehl, Baidu’s pocket translator is a ‘Star Trek’ dream come to life

MIT Technology Review this week cited the generative adversarial network, or GAN, as one of 2018’s 10 breakthrough technologies. It works something like this: two networks ‘are trained on the same data set’ and pitted ‘against each other in a digital cat-and-mouse game.


Tom Loftus, MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Flags AI With Imagination

For a couple of days this week, I attended the EmTech NEXT conference at MIT, which is organized by MIT Technology Review. The focus of the event was that fabled idea ‘The Future of Work,’ and if you are on the side of the humans, the future seems pretty bright. Virtually every speaker (MIT folks, AI and robotics leaders) came out in favor of augmentation over automation.


Tom Davenport, On AI and Jobs, We Are All Augmentarians Now

As a result of BIGfish’s extensive public relations outreach and onsite assistance, MIT Technology Review’s events have obtained a 20% higher media attendance rate. BIGfish secured top tier coverage in leading industry publications for these highly anticipated conferences.