March 20, 2017

Top PR Trends for 2017


Can you believe we’ve already completed two full months in 2017?! The new year has brought new PR trends along with it. We’ve compiled a list of the top four trends that all public relations professionals should pay attention to this year.

Earned Media Comes First

To most, this is a given. As public relations professionals, we have all spent hours drafting pitches and compiling media lists of journalists we believe are interested in hearing our client’s story. If you’ve done your job correctly (which I’m sure you all have!), your client has an outstanding reputation and journalists are lining up to speak with them. By securing earned placements, you lay the groundwork for a successful marketing campaign. Also, wouldn’t you rather your client be offered a speaking opportunity based off their stellar record (thanks to your hard work) rather than paying thousands of dollars for it?

Live Video Content

According to a recent report, 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be video content by 2020. More and more social media platforms are adding live video features, including Facebook and Instagram. It’s becoming extremely important for PR agencies to figure out ways to utilize these new tools. Live streaming a press conference or event your client is attending is one possibility. Who knows where video will take us in the future, but it’s up to PR pros to channel it as an effective way to share our clients’ stories.

Journalists On the Lookout

With all of today’s fake news, journalists are becoming more vigilant than ever. When pitching a story to a journalist, it’s vital to make sure all your facts and figures are 100% correct! It’s also extremely important to remember not to oversell your client. The story of Theranos acts as a cautionary tale of what happens when you aren’t truthful with the media. In 2015, the Wall Street Journal published a groundbreaking story about the company, stating it hasn’t been able to use all the technology it promised its investors it would. Prior to the story breaking, Theranos was being hailed by the press as one of the hottest and most successful startups of all time. When news spread of their false claims, the world of tech media was completely shaken up. As a result, reporters are now digging more into a company’s background and possible false promises.


Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to evolve over time. It used to be solely utilized by marketing teams but has slowly made its way into the heart of PR professionals all over the world. While searching terms that are relevant to your client, it’s nice to see that client mentioned on the first page of the search. For example, when you search “tech PR agency Boston,” BIGfish Communications comes up right at the top! Now, in an effort to increase client SEO, PR professionals are making sure journalists use correct links in stories to direct the reader back to their client.
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