What is PR and What Does a PR Firm Do?

Cat wondering What is a PR Agency, and What Does it Do?

A PR firm, also called a public relations firm, is a company that manages and improves the reputation of brands, businesses, people, or organizations. The main goal of a PR firm is to make the client look good and keep good relationships with their customers, investors, employees, the public, and other important people.


PR firms like BIGfish PR offer a range of services, which include:

  1. Media relations: Building relationships with journalists and pitching stories to the media to help the client achieve positive news coverage.
  2. Crisis management: Helping clients prepare for and manage negative publicity or crises that could damage their reputation.
  3. Reputation management: Developing and implementing strategies to enhance the client’s image and reputation in the eyes of the public.
  4. Event planning: Organizing events, such as product launches or press conferences, to generate publicity and build relationships with key stakeholders.
  5. Thought leadership: Helping clients establish themselves as experts in their field through content creation and placement in relevant publications.
  6. Branding and messaging: Developing and refining the client’s brand identity and messaging to ensure consistency and coherence across all communication channels.


Overall, the role of a PR firm is to work closely with clients, understand their needs, goals, and target audience, and then develop customized strategies to reach those audiences effectively. It is the role of a PR firm to also help clients navigate the complex landscape of public opinion and perception and ensure their reputation remains strong and positive.


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