April 25, 2012

@Ochocinco, @ESPN, and @DavidGerzof


Our very own David Gerzof made headlines yesterday on ESPN’s blog in an article written by Hallie Grossman. Dave, who moonlights as a professor of social media at Emerson College, gave advice on how to get an athlete to retweet you on Twitter.
Last year, Dave assigned his class the task of repeatedly and strategically tweeting to Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco. “Ochocinco has about three million people following him and every time he tweets he gets a tweet back every three seconds so there’s a lot of noise to break through,” said Dave.
In the ESPN article, Dave gives 4 suggestions on reaching influential Tweeters like Ochocinco: Be persistent; Find out when they tweet the most; Pay attention to what they retweet; And when all else fails, resort to the guilt trip.
Not only did Ochocinco retweet to the class, but he and his fiancé, Evelyn Lozada, taught the students a class on social media over dinner at All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge.

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