How to Survive during the S1 "Quiet Period"


By Christine Lovallo
When you first are told that your client is thinking about going public, excitement strikes! You have successfully created influential marketing materials and gained prestigious media exposure. All your hard work is paying off. Although filing an IPO elicits excitement for positive changes, it is important to note that the client will need to go through the quiet period. Here are a few tips and tricks for to keep in mind during the quiet period:
1. No media outreach. Keep the Company out of the public eye, do not talk to the press, updated messaging should remain on hold, and online presence should be minimal.
2. Review and remove. Review website messaging, public relation pitches, marketing and conference materials, and multimedia. Remove the old language used in company materials and revise the messaging and company goals for use after filing.
3. Advise. Your role will be more “advisory” rather than “media outreach”.
4. Prep. At times, it may seem that your client is going into hibernation but think of this period as a time for preparation. Prepare materials that will be needed once the S1 is filed. Materials will include an S1press release and media list of reporters and journalists.

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