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October brings us another month closer to CES which means the BIGteam is in full planning mode. But have no fear! We still picked out the best bits of tech news to keep you caught up on the latest happenings in the tech world.

iOS 11
Apple’s latest iOS update came out with the release of the new iPhone 8. This update is filled with tons of new features including screen recording, one-handed keyboard and type-to-Siri! Even the control center saw an update with new customizable features to make more applications available with a simple click (Apple TV remote, voice memos, night shift, and screen recording to name a few)!
So, should you update? As always, soon all of Apple’s products will require the download to continue using its features, and the new phones (iPhone 8, 8+ and X) will come with iOS 11 already installed. It’s definitely worth it to try the new additions in one of the biggest updates yet!
If you’re  not yet caught up on the latest Apple phones and other product releases, be sure to check out our last Apple update here!
Get ready to keep up with your favorite shows 30,000 feet in the air! Netflix announced that it will offer its bandwidth in partnership with airlines next year to allow passengers to stream Netflix while they travel. Netflix will also help improve airline Wi-Fi to ensure you don’t have to miss a moment of your binge-watching.
Will this help Netflix spring ahead of competition from Disney and Hulu? Only time will tell.
Ever thought about combining your love for Target with your love for “pinning”? After revealing its Lens tool in March, which allows users to reverse image search what they are looking for, Pinterest has revealed that its latest addition to this tool will be a partnership with Target.
Users will be able to use the Target app to take a photo of any product they see and find it in Target stores or online. This is said to work even if the product is not stocked with Target; in that case, the tool will simply match the user with a similar item. Not only will this bring more shopping traffic to Target, but the company will be able to see what their customers are interested in and tailor the brand to best fit their customer’s’ needs.
Amazon released plenty of new products just in time for the holiday season. For those already a fan of the Amazon Echo, you’ll be happy to know they announced a re-designed version featuring better sound, clearer voice recognition and a stylish new look.
With the announcement also came several new items:

  • Echo Buttons – Now users will be able to use a Bluetooth buzzer to play along with their favorite trivia games like Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit!
  • Echo Connect – Connect your Echo to your landline (if you still have one) and sync all of your contacts. You won’t have to dial a number again.
  • Echo Spot – Like the Echo Dot, users will have the Alexa commands but this time with a display screen and video camera. It is even small enough to fit on a nightstand and function like a smart alarm clock!

Instagram just released its latest update to Instagram Stories: polls! Now you will be able to add polls to your stories the same way you add a location or hashtag. Just add a poll and let your followers do the rest. Instagram even made it possible for you to see who voted for what on your poll and get live updates as the voting happens. And don’t worry, the Instagram story still disappears after 24 hours giving users plenty of time to vote and collect results.
Instagram also added two more features: a color picker and alignment tool. The color picker lets you match colors found in your picture (think eyedropper tool) so now your drawings can match your background or a specific item in your image. The alignment tool will come in handy next time you try to make sure your stickers are centered or in the right position for your image. Lines appear on the screen to help the user rotate and adjust their sticker position to make sure it is not covering anything and that it is properly centered.
All of these updates are available in the app today! Happy polling!
With all of this tech news, what are you most excited about? Let us know on Twitter at @BIGfishPR!

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