Our Favorite App of the Month: Asana!

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February has officially arrived, and with it, many New Years’ Resolutions start to dwindle away. But if your resolution was to keep yourself and your team organized, we have an app to keep you going strong! Read on to learn why Asana is our BIGfish team’s favorite app of the month!

What it is: Asana keeps you connected to your team and your to-do list. It’s a flexible task-manager that allows you to manage your workload, assign tasks to team members, and integrate over 100 different apps to keep all of your work in one place. Integrating Google Drive allows you to connect files directly to tasks so the most up-to-date information is instantly available to everyone, and integrating Slack will send you instant notifications when changes are made within your project. The ability to access all aspects from within Asana itself is one of our favorite features. 
Why we love it:Asana keeps the BIGteam on the same page about projects, individual tasks, and deadlines by creating workspaces for each client and making it easy to assign tasks to others. The ability to update statuses of tasks within projects makes it easy to know when things are ready for review or completely finished. There are pre-designed project formats, but they’re highly customizable so you can use it in a way that makes sense for your team and your project. Once you have your team set up, you are able to divide this further into projects that contain all of the information, tasks, and communication throughout the history of that project only. Projects then get divided further into tasks that can be grouped together in either sections or columns. It makes our Work from Home Friday’s a breeze!Tips for using it:Take the time to poke around and explore all the available features when you get started to avoid being overwhelmed with features later. For example, the Timeline offers a new way to visualize how your tasks come together and when deadlines should be. The Dependencies feature signifies when tasks are ready to move forward and when something needs to be finished first. It can look overwhelming at first, but taking the time to get it set up the way that functions for you is the hardest part. Try a few different layouts to get the most out of it! 
How to get it: Asana’s Basic Plan is free in The App Store, The Google Play Store, and online for teams with up to 15 members. They also offer Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans with additional features that are billed per person per month.
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