“Men and Leggings – Is It Cool?” And Other Entertaining HARO Queries


Founded in 2008, Help A Reporter Out, better known to most as “HARO,” has become an important resource for both journalists seeking out sources and PR pros seeking out media opportunities for clients. HARO sends out more than 1,500 queries from worldwide media each week, connecting thousands of reporters and bloggers with a myriad of news sources eager to promote their products and services.
Here at BIGfish, we each receive three emails chock-full of HARO queries each day. While the true purpose of reading these emails is to seek out serious queries well-suited to our clients, we’ve found that HARO queries can often be quite entertaining as well.

In an effort to share the laughs, we’ve rounded up the most chuckle-worthy HARO queries from the past month or so. Enjoy!

  • Expert needed for article on how to get your dog or cat a modeling job
  • Every question you could possibly ask about cat litter
  • Looking for stories of women who kill their husbands
  • What’s better? Online parenting or offline parenting?
  • Men and leggings — is it cool?
  • Can a dog get a bank account in the US?
  • Gifts for people with moustaches, particularly vintage moustache cups
  • Have you ever waxed off your eyebrows?
  • Anybody married by the drummer at a Train concert?
  • Is beer the path to a robust retirement plan?

Have you ever received a HARO query you couldn’t resist sharing? Post it in the comments!

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