How to Craft a Pitch Reporters Will Want to Read

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Pitching is an integral part of the PR profession, so it’s an essential craft to get right. The way you pitch reporters will determine whether your story is a hit or gets sent straight to the spam folder. Take a look at some of our tried and true pitching tips for PR professionals!

  • Be timely
    Give the reporter plenty of lead time and take into consideration their workload. Your agenda might not match theirs, so it’s important to be as patient and flexible as possible.
  • Do the research
    Make sure that you are contacting a journalist who is the right fit for your story. While they may have covered a certain topic a few months back, they may not be focusing on that beat anymore.
  • Keep it concise
    When it comes to pitching, less is more. Journalists get countless emails a day so keep yours short and sweet and explain why it is relevant.
  • Personalize your pitch
    Take the time to personalize your email so reporters will take the time to read and (hopefully) write about it. Small things like  referencing a recent article of theirs may be the thing that sets your pitch apart from all the others.
  • Create relationships
    Although the immediate goal of pitching is to hook a story, the long-term goal is to create relationships with reporters. If you respect their time and look out for relevant leads, reporters will be more likely to keep your information in mind when writing.

Securing stories in major publications takes skill, creativity and time. At the end of the day, the best people for the job are PR pros who know the best way to tell your story to the right people. If you’re looking to work with a talented team of professionals who secured top-tier press every day, drop us a line here! And to stay up to date on all the best PR tips and trick, be sure to follow us on Twitter @BIGfishPR.

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