How BIGfish Clients Are Helping During COVID-19

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During these unprecedented times, companies across the globe are coming together to help each other and their communities. BIGfish is proud to represent clients who are using their resources to support local businesses, hospitals and more. Read on to find out what BIGclients Ring and Formlabs are doing to support communities during COVID-19. 

Home security company Ring, recently launched its Neighbor Pledge – a way for people to pledge support, either as an individual or as part of a group, to the neighborhood businesses or service providers in a community that you rely on. For example, if you normally visit a neighborhood cafe every morning and spend $3, with the pledge, you would commit up to $90 a month to them until they reopen.

How It Works
To support a neighborhood business with the Neighbor Pledge, follow these steps:

  1. Make your pledge. Commit to support a specific number of neighborhood businesses or service providers in need. Pledge to give whatever amount you can for any period that works for you.
  2. Share your pledge. Get the word out to friends, family, colleagues and neighbors so they can pledge their support, too. When communities come together, we’re all stronger for it.
  3. Act on your pledge. Fulfill your promise to support neighborhood businesses. Call or email each establishment or service provider to see how they would prefer to receive donations. Some neighborhood businesses may be able to receive payments through PayPal, Venmo or Square, while others may prefer cash or checks.

Learn more about Neighbor Pledge here and click here to join BIGfish’s pledge group to make your own pledge!

Formlabs is a 3D printing technology company that is now using its 200+ in-house 3D printers at an Ohio-based printing facility to produce COVID-19 test swabs.

Formlabs teamed up with hospitals across the country, including Northwell Health and USF Health, to work together to develop a nasal swab prototype and test it in the lab; in just two days, USF Health and Northwell, using Formlabs’ 3D printers and resins, developed prototypes that received a variety of hospital approvals. This crucial development is now enabling hospitals to more rapidly access large quantities of these essential COVID-19 test kit components.

Learn more about Formlabs’ COVID-19 initiatives here and check out our BIGhits in the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company!

What businesses are you seeing give back during these uncertain times? Let us know how you or your local community is giving back in the comments below!

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