December 16, 2010

BIGfish Helps BostonTweetUp Get Ready For #MegaTweeUp 2



Joselin and Dave talking shop

We know everyone is getting excited for tonight’s #MegaTweetUp 2 hosted by BIGfish friend @BostonTweetup (also know as Joselin Mane).
BIGfish and BusinessWire teamed up to put out a press release for tonight’s event, and had some fun checking out some of the SWAG as well. The pictures shown here display less then half of the cool stuff being given away tonight!
If you are unsure if you want to come tonight’s killer event (I don’t why you wouldn’t!) then take a look at last years event.
We are not sure exactly how many people are currently registered…but it is a LOT. A lot as in the biggest tweetup you will have ever been to. If  hundreds of cool people isn’t enough to get you over the the Microsoft NERD center, maybe a list of the sponsors who donated SWAG will be (some pictured above); Sel De La Terre, Boloco, Microsoft, Taza Chocolate, Flour Bakery, BlueLagoon Iceland, The Colonnade, Jabra, and many many more (see the entire list here).
More reasons to go; we are going to be trying to break a bunch of world records.
Here are just a few that are being considering:

  • Photo records
    • most pics taken at a tweetup
    • most pics taken of Citgo sign at one time
    • most pics taken of the Prudential building at one time
  • Video record
    • most collective video recording at a tweetup
  • Twitter record
    • Most tweets sent at the very same time about a tweetup
    • most tweets sent at the very same time at a tweetup
  • Random records
    • most four square checkins at one time We broke it last year! Here’s proof!
    • most world records set at tweetup
    • most iphone “bumps” at a tweetup

Hope to see you tonight!

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