How Are Affiliate Links Used for PR? 6 Ways Affiliate Links Can Strengthen a Public Relations Strategy

Affiliate Links PR

Affiliate links are URLs containing unique tracking codes used by third parties known as “affiliates” to promote products or services. For each user that clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. Digitally savvy PR firms, like BIG FISH, offer a PR service to manage and track affiliate links. PR agencies offer affiliate programs to help clients optimize their media coverage and promote their brands.

Some news websites, bloggers, and influencers use affiliate links to monetize their content; THEY WILL NOT COVER A BRAND OR PRODUCT UNLESS THEY ARE PROVIDED AN AFFILIATE LINK. BIG FISH is a PR agency that recognized this trend early on and added affiliate link capabilities to its service mix.  

6 Ways Affiliate Links Can Strengthen a Public Relations Strategy

  1. Increasing Press Coverage.
    First and foremost, know this: Certain journalists, bloggers, or influencers, require affiliate partnerships to cover a brand, with no exceptions.
  2. Incentivizing Media Features.
    Certain media outlets are more inclined to feature a brand when given the potential to earn affiliate link commissions.
  3. Expanding Reach.
    By forming affiliate partnerships with specific, participating news outlets, influencers, or bloggers, BIG FISH has found that our PR programs can extend their reach on news sites, beyond what can be achieved through earned media efforts alone. These partners can incorporate links into their content, reaching audiences that may not have been accessible through earned media.
  4. Partnering with influencers.
    PR firms like BIG FISH collaborate with influencers and provide them with affiliate links to promote clients’ products. Influencers can incorporate links into their social media posts or videos, and earn a commission for any sales they generate.
  5. Being Included in Affiliate-Only Review Websites.
    At BIG FISH PR, we find some review sites or comparison websites require affiliate links for inclusion. These sites only feature products when provided with an affiliate link, earning a commission for sales they generate.
  6. Measuring Results.
    The direct impact on sales through PR efforts is challenging to measure. Affiliate links can offer clear metrics. PR firms can track the performance of any one affiliate partner. Agencies can measure results by monitoring clicks, conversions, and commissions generated through unique links.

Overall, integrating affiliate links into an earned media PR strategy enables PR firms like BIG FISH to raise awareness of a brand through direct PR outreach. Furthermore, affiliate links provide new opportunities for brand promotion, with the added bonus of additional traffic and sales. Finally, affiliate campaigns enable PR agencies like BIG FISH to leverage the power of paid affiliate marketing programs alongside other, more credible, and influential public relations strategies and tactics, creating a more comprehensive and effective approach to brand promotion.

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