Agency or In-House? Here’s Why Outsourcing PR is the Way to Go


Public relations plays a critical role in a company’s overall success. Whether a startup or a well-established corporation, public relations is the most effective way to connect and communicate with target audiences via meaningful storytelling. Below are three key reasons why hiring a PR agency is often the best route to take, rather than handle it in-house.

1. Gain instant access to a team of experts

When working with an agency, you will find a polished group of individuals who know the ins and outs of the PR world. Their number one priority is to provide excellent service and to secure impactful coverage for their clients, and they know exactly how to do that. Each practitioner assigned to your team brings their own unique perspective and creative insights that will push your company to think outside the box. The best agencies genuinely want to see your company thrive just as much as you do, creating an incredible team of passionate individuals who are eager to succeed.

2. Utilize the agency’s extensive network

Public relations practitioners often possess well-developed relationships with writers and contributors. They regularly communicate with their network of journalists and know what types of stories they are looking to cover. PR agencies often subscribe to databases that give them access to journalists’ professional profiles and contact information. These platforms enable them to easily follow and maintain relationships with the contributors, reporters and editors that are most relevant to their clients. Additionally, if the agency specializes in a certain industry, they will be even more beneficial to their clients because they already have an established circle of outlets that they regularly secure coverage in.

3. Outsource your eyes and ears 

Opportunities and threats are an inevitable aspect of business, and the level of preparation for both can make or break a company’s success. An essential part of public relations is media monitoring, in which an agency analyzes the industry landscape and keeps close tabs on competitors. With an agency’s ear to the ground on relevant news, you can be as proactive and reactive in PR efforts as possible. A crisis or opportunity can occur at any moment, and a good PR pro will be the first to know so they can formulate a plan to handle it effectively. 

Public relations is an essential component of any business plan, and PR agencies exist to help you conduct it effectively as well as understand the valuable insights obtained from these efforts. Understanding how PR will impact your company in a positive way is a huge competitive advantage that will drive beneficial outcomes for your business.

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