VentureBeat Features Edison Junior

Last week, Edison Junior announced that after raising $139,170 on Kickstarter to support the creation of POP, a multi-device charging station, it would return all money to backers in the largest Kickstarter refund yet, because of restrictions from Apple. Due to the media attention surrounding this announcement, Apple then responded that it will change its guidelines and allow the creation of POP to continue, as VentureBeat reports above.

BostInno Features BIGfish President David Gerzof Richard

BIGfish President David Gerzof Richard shared his golden rules of social media with BostInno in the article, “Observe, Listen & Go Back to Kindergarten: Social Media Tips from the Professor Behind #ESM.” To see all of his advice, click the photo above or click here.

Wired Features Edison Junior

After raising $139,170 on Kickstarter to support the creation of POP, a multi-device charging station, Edison Junior CEO Jamie Siminoff announced it would return all that money to backers in the largest Kickstarter refund yet. Backers will receive refunds through Christie Street, Siminoff’s new crowdfunding platform created specifically for products. To read the full article from Wired, click the photo above or click here.

Want Your Photo Featured in an Ad? Just Use Instagram!

Imagine: you’re sitting on the T on a cold snowy day in Boston, idly daydreaming about warm weather, when you notice an ad above the seat across from you featuring a vacation to the Bahamas; boy does that ad look enticing, especially on a day like today. You continue to look longingly at the ad, and suddenly start to think that something about it looks eerily familiar. Upon closer inspection, you realize why — the photo in the ad is a Lo-Fi filtered photo of a palm tree you took on your iPhone just last year, while in Miami. Huh?

If you’re an Instagram user, something like this could actually happen to you, thanks to Instagram’s new privacy policy update. Effective January 16, 2013, the photo-sharing service’s new policy allows Instagram to use any of your photos “in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.” Or as CNET puts it, “Instagram said today that it has the perpetual right to sell users’ photographs without payment or notification.”
Needless to say, this update has sparked quite a bit of outrage amongst Instagram users, who are allegedly shuttering their accounts by the thousands. Unfortunately for Instagrammers, the only way to opt-out of Instagram’s new privacy policy is to close your account before January 16.
So, what does this privacy policy update mean for Instagram? Is it “Instagram’s suicide note,” as one user described it? Or did Instagram update their terms of service to “help protect you,” as they claimed on their company blog?
We’ll have to stay tuned to find out – but Instagram better stay on their toes. Angering users is never a good idea, and in the past companies have backed down in response to widespread protest. Instagram may end up needing to follow suit.
Instagram has abandoned wording in its new terms-of-service agreement that sparked outcry from users concerned it meant their photos could appear in advertisements. Click here for more information.

Boston Globe Features GreatPoint Energy

BIGfish client GreatPoint Energy was featured in today’s Boston Globe in an article focused on the Chinese conglomerate Wanxiang. Wanxiang, slated to buy Waltham battery maker A123 Systems Inc., also has a large stake in GreatPoint Energy and is continuing to grow its alternative energy business. “One of the nice things about Wanxiang is that while they are clearly a Chinese company, they have an enormous American presence,” said GreatPoint Energy CEO Andrew Perlman. To read the entire article, click the photo above or click here.

“Men and Leggings – Is It Cool?” And Other Entertaining HARO Queries

Founded in 2008, Help A Reporter Out, better known to most as “HARO,” has become an important resource for both journalists seeking out sources and PR pros seeking out media opportunities for clients. HARO sends out more than 1,500 queries from worldwide media each week, connecting thousands of reporters and bloggers with a myriad of news sources eager to promote their products and services.
Here at BIGfish, we each receive three emails chock-full of HARO queries each day. While the true purpose of reading these emails is to seek out serious queries well-suited to our clients, we’ve found that HARO queries can often be quite entertaining as well.

In an effort to share the laughs, we’ve rounded up the most chuckle-worthy HARO queries from the past month or so. Enjoy!

  • Expert needed for article on how to get your dog or cat a modeling job
  • Every question you could possibly ask about cat litter
  • Looking for stories of women who kill their husbands
  • What’s better? Online parenting or offline parenting?
  • Men and leggings — is it cool?
  • Can a dog get a bank account in the US?
  • Gifts for people with moustaches, particularly vintage moustache cups
  • Have you ever waxed off your eyebrows?
  • Anybody married by the drummer at a Train concert?
  • Is beer the path to a robust retirement plan?

Have you ever received a HARO query you couldn’t resist sharing? Post it in the comments!

BostInno Features BIGfish Communications

What do Jay Leno, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and BIGfish Communications have in common? They all have roots in Emerson College! To see the full list of companies from Emerson as detailed by BostInno, click here.

Mashable Features DoorBot


BIGfish client DoorBot, a simple yet powerful doorbell that streams live video of a home’s front doorstep directly to a smartphone or tablet, was featured on Mashable today. DoorBot enables residents to communicate with visitors remotely and is the first product to seek funding on the new crowdfunding platform Christie Street. To read the entire article from Mashable, click the photo above or click here.

Wired Features Christie Street

BIGfish client Christie Street, a new crowdfunding site devoted exclusively to physical products, was featured on Wired today for its innovative approach to crowdfunding. To read the entire article, click the photo above or click here.

Boston Herald Features BIGfish President David Gerzof Richard

BIGfish President David Gerzof Richard was featured in the Boston Herald today for his successful bid to bring Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to his social media class at Emerson. Gerzof Richard, who doubles as a professor at Emerson College, led his students in a two-month Twitter campaign to bring the football star to campus – and succeeded on Thursday evening. To read the entire article, click the photo or click here.