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Meet Our Fall BIGinterns, Nicole and Shylene!

by Meghan Gabel

our team

Fall and back to school are officially here, and we are excited to welcome our two new interns to the BIGteam! Read on to learn more about these aspiring PR pros and why they’re excited to get started at BIGfish.  

Meet Our BIGinterns, Annie and Amelia!

by Meghan Gabel

our team

A new office and address can only mean one thing: it’s time to welcome some new interns to our growing space!  We are excited to have to have Annie and Amelia join the team for the summer. Read on to learn more about these aspiring PR pros and why they’re excited to get started at BIGfish.  

Summer Interns

Thank You, Summer Interns!

by Brigid Gorham

our team public relations

It's been a great summer in Brookline and our interns have been hard at work in the office creating social media content, writing blog posts, pitches and press releases, developing media lists and more. We asked our interns about their experiences working at BIGfish this summer and what they have planned for the future. Read on to see what they had to say!

Interested in interning at BIGfish? Check back here and apply to our spring internship positions in a few months!  

BIGfish Interns

Thank You, Interns!

by BIGfish

our team

We were lucky enough to have our two interns Hannah and Dana stay on with us through both fall and spring semesters. Since starting at BIGfish in September, they’ve helped us execute countless projects by writing press releases, pitches, blog and social media posts and helping us plan events. We will certainly miss having Hannah and Dana in the office and we wish them the best! Read on to find out what they’ve learned during their time at BIGfish, what they’re most proud of, and what advice they have for future interns. Dana Harvey Dana Harvey Hometown: Bayside, NY College: Boston College, Class of 2014 Major: Political Science What you’re most proud of from your time at BIGfish: I am most proud of my growth throughout my time at BIGfish. Being a Political Science major I did not come to BIGfish with a lot of communications experience, but I came with a love of writing and research paired with an eagerness to learn. The account team at BIGfish was very willing to train me and offer advice along the way. I found it very helpful to be able to write press releases, pitches, and blog posts, in addition to preparing media lists and assisting in the planning of events. Benefits of extending your internship: In extending my internship I was able to monitor our clients and their industries over my winter break in order to enter the second semester with a fresh perspective. In addition, it was great being familiar with the BIGfish team and with our clients, which allowed me to jump right into my work. Advice to future BIGfish interns: I would say that it is important to show your willingness and eagerness to learn. In a small agency there are always tasks to get done, so there are always opportunities to help out. In addition, don’t be shy when sharing your ideas with the account team. During brainstorming sessions it is really helpful to have new and innovative ideas for clients. Where you’d like to be in 5 years: In five years I would like to be working at a PR agency. Anything else? I am grateful to have been able to work and grow at BIGfish this school year. I found that the BIGfish account team was always willing to share their breadth of knowledge with me and to help me improve my PR skills. I can honestly say that I am walking away well prepared for my post-graduate career.   blog Hannah Duffy Hometown: Washington, NJ College: Boston College, Class of 2014 Major: Communication; Applied Psychology and Human Development What you’re most proud of from your time at BIGfish: I’m proud of my growth and improvement while at BIGfish, specifically in my writing skills. My writing has become much sharper from the frequent writing of press releases, blog posts, pitches, tweets, articles, and more. Benefits of extending your internship: When I returned to BIGfish for my second semester, I hit the ground running. I already knew the clients, office environment, and expectations, so I was able to learn and grow more quickly. Advice to future BIGfish interns: Take initiative: Offering to help out with tasks that may not be assigned to you helps the team and helps you learn. Ask questions: Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge in this office. The team is extremely experienced and talented, so don’t be afraid to ask about their experiences. Get to know the clients: In my time here, I ended up feeling really invested in our clients. I found myself checking my email on my off days, checking to see how a Kickstarter campaign was going, or looking at what press hits came in. Explore each client to discover what kinds of industries interest you most. Where you’d like to be in 5 years: Working at a PR agency in Boston. Anything else? I feel lucky to have found such an educational, valuable, and fun internship. My experience at BIGfish has helped prepare me for the PR world that I’m excited to enter post-graduation!

BIGfish Interns

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Next Semester!

by BIGfish

our team public relations, social media

Normally at the end of the semester we publish a blog post thanking our interns for their hard work and wishing them the best in their future endeavors. However, we’re lucky enough to have our two fall interns staying on with us next semester. Over the past few months, we’ve kept them busy writing press releases, pitches, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts and more. Read on to find out what they’ve learned and their advice for being successful interns that employers want to keep around!

Dana Harvey Dana Harvey

Favorite part about working at BIGfish: My favorite part about working at BIGfish is the hands-on experience and the collaborative nature of the work. As a non-Communications major, I find it extremely helpful to be able to draft press releases, write blog posts, and engage in social media while also getting immediate feedback from the account team. As an intern, I am also able to sit-in on meetings and provide input during brainstorming sessions. At BIGfish, I can tell that my work and ideas are valued and appreciated.

Most valuable lesson learned while working at BIGfish: One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned at BIGfish is that sometimes you must be persistent with a client in order to get them to take advantage of a new trend. When working with different clients, you might find that some are more open to change than others. There's a delicate balance between advising a client to make appropriate changes without pushing them too hard or too far out of their comfort zone. While working with BIGfish, I have seen and taken part in brainstorming sessions to help clients approach social media, newsletters, website layouts, and more in new, innovative, and engaging ways.

Suggestions to be a successful intern: I believe that in order to be a successful intern, you should show an eagerness and willingness to learn new things. You must also show that you are able to come up with new and creative ideas for the company, as well as for the clients. I think that it is important to be personable. Although everyone is engaged in their different tasks for the day, there are always opportunities to engage in conversation and show your personality.


Hannah Duffy

 Favorite part about working at BIGfish: BIGfish has given me tons of hands-on experience, which I value greatly in an internship. My assigned work is relevant and important, so it's satisfying and rewarding to contribute to the team. In particular, I enjoy seeing things I have written posted online, such as blog posts, articles, and tweets. I also appreciate and enjoy the warm office environment at BIGfish; the whole team is friendly, welcoming, and more than willing to answer questions.

Most valuable lesson learned while working at BIGfish: I am ending my semester with a wealth of knowledge and skills that I didn't have before my internship at BIGfish. One valuable thing I have learned, and continue to learn, is the many layers and intricacies of social media. I am extremely familiar with social media from my own personal use, but I have learned various strategies on how to make the most of social media to promote a brand or business. I more clearly see how significant social media is, and will continue to be, important in the marketing and PR world.

Suggestions to be a successful intern: One of my strongest suggestions would be to take initiative and help wherever you can. Keep an eye out for opportunities to assist outside your assigned work and offer to help out. The team always has a lot to do, so a little help can go a long way. Overall, take advantage of the learning opportunity by asking questions and taking in as much information as possible. Along with asking questions about the job and industry, ask the BIGfish team about their experiences. They all have impressive backgrounds and can share useful advice on college, jobs and life in general!


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