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The Perks of Working at a Small Company (as told by someone who does)

by Brigid Gorham

business our team

When looking at the adult playground that is Google’s office, it can be hard to see the benefits in working for a small company where you don’t have sleeping pods and massage rooms at your disposal. But there’s a lot to be said for working in a small office.  

What the BIGfish Team Has Been Up To in 2015

by Bristol Whitcher

consumer electronics our team public relations

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the past several months and show you a few highlights of what we’ve been up to! We had a busy (and very snowy) winter and spring, so we’re excited to transition into the new season - bring on the sunshine!  

Thank You To Our Spring Intern, Victoria!

by Bristol Whitcher

our team

The BIGfish team has been extremely busy this spring. Between organizing Taste of Iceland in Boston, traveling to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and kicking off with several new clients, the past several months have flown by! Fortunately, we had an invaluable resource to help with the abundance of work--our intern Victoria. Throughout her time at BIGfish, Victoria worked hard to assist the account team on an assortment of different projects, including: writing blog posts, website articles, and pitches,  conducting research and building media lists, creating content for Facebook and Twitter, and even working at a client's event her first week on the job!  

Four Brands & Publishers Successfully Embracing Earth Day

by Bristol Whitcher

cleantech environmental/green

Holidays and other big public events provide a great opportunity for brands to insert themselves and their message into new conversations where they may not have otherwise had a voice. Take the World Cup, for example, which we reported on last summer--brands embraced the social media chatter surrounding the event, and came up with some pretty entertaining commentary that got them noticed (who could forget this Snickers’ tweet?). In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up a few brands and publishers that have successfully embraced today’s green trend.  

8 Free Tools To Help You Successfully Manage Social Media Accounts

by Victoria Cabral de Menezes

social media

Being a social media manager is not an easy task. With several accounts to manage, monitor and measure, things can get a little hectic. To help, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best free social media tools that will help you save time and effectively manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.  

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