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The Coolest New Tech From Boston’s Top Universities

by Erini Katopodis

boston business cleantech consumer electronics marketing social media technology

Boston has long been a frontrunner in the tech industry, home to innovators from all over the world. In fact, a 2014 study found that Boston has the second-largest tech industry in the nation, trumped only by Silicon Valley. The survey revealed a 5.2 percent job increase in tech jobs in Silicon Valley, with Boston just behind them at 4.3 percent; that’s 145,484 jobs generated just in the tech sector! With so many technology-focused colleges in the Boston area like MIT, Northeastern, Boston University, Harvard and Tufts, it’s no wonder words like “hackathon,” “Kickstarter” and “startup” have become norms in Boston’s vocabulary. Want to know what’s coming next in the world of tech? Here are a few university-based startups to keep your eye on before they go big.  


MacBook Startup Disk Almost Full? BIGfish Client TarDisk Has You Covered.

by Bristol Whitcher

boston consumer electronics

If you own a MacBook, you know one of the biggest problems faced is the dreaded, “startup disk almost full,” warning message. We’ve all seen it, and until recently, the only remedy was to search for large files and manually delete them or transfer them to an external hard drive where they’re no longer easily accessible.  

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don't)

Apps We Wish Existed (But Don’t)

by Adriana Howell

mobile social media technology

All of us here at BIGfish Communications like to think we’re pretty tech savvy (as a tech PR company, that comes as no surprise). We all do some amount of work from our phones, using apps like Docs, Sheets and Sunrise. Some of us try to make our public transit commute easier with apps like OkCommuter, Greenline or NextBus. We find Target deals with Cartwheel and monitor our front doors thanks to client Ring’s Video Doorbell app. But even with all the great (and weird) apps on the market these days, there are still a few we’re missing.  

Boston’s NEW Waterfront: Bringing Innovation and Culture to The Hub

by Kelsey Johnson

boston environmental/green

When you think of Boston, you probably picture walking along the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, tasting the delicious Italian food of the North End or hearing the roar from Fenway Park as you stroll down Queensbury Street. This is quintessential Beantown-some of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in the city. They are what draw thousands of tourists to Boston every year, and I can almost guarantee they’re the backdrop in any Boston-based movie you’ve seen. While we Bostonians love these neighborhoods, we often forget to pay our respects to the other niche communities that contribute to this vibrant urban setting, specifically the up-and-coming NEW Waterfront.  

Five Ways to Beat the Post-Summer Slump & Increase Your Productivity

by Erini Katopodis


The lowering temperatures and the shortening days (say it isn’t so!) signal just one thing: fall! And along with pumpkin spice lattes and new scarves comes a transition from relaxing summer vacations to the exciting rush of new tasks and projects in the office. Feeling out of focus? Here are five ways to increase productivity in the office this fall and avoid the post-summer slump: