The Next Big Thing: Wearable Tech


One of the most exciting aspects of attending CES each year is getting a first look at the stunning new technology. As we’ve described before, the international trade show is arguably the biggest event of the year for the consumer electronics industry, and has been described as “geek heaven on earth.”
Not surprisingly, what’s proving to be the next big thing in consumer electronics made a big impact at CES 2013 – wearable tech. Several gadgets at CES, including Nike’s FuelBand and CST-01: The World’s Thinnest Watch, signified the growth of this emerging trend. And with the recent hype surrounding Google Glass and rumors swirling around Apple’s potential iWatch, wearable tech has moved to the forefront of the tech world.


This is definitely something we’re excited about. Wearable tech has the power to completely change how we go about our daily lives. Smart watches, including Pebble and the rumored iWatch, are essentially smartphones for your wrist that provide information at a glance. The CST-01 is the world’s thinnest watch, weighing in at a featherlike 12 grams. Personal fitness gadgets like the Nike FuelBand and FitBit Flex give users incredibly useful information about their health and activity levels, in turn acting as a great motivator for exercise. And the buzz surrounding Google Glass isn’t without merit; eliminating the need to pull out your phone to take a photo or perform a quick search would be a huge time-saver in today’s fast-paced world. Plus, it’s just cool. High-profile users like Diane von Furstenburg are even turning Google Glass into a fashion statement.
Wearable tech isn’t projected to be a passing fad, either. According to ABI Research, wearable computing devices will exceed 485 million annual shipments by 2018. Though it’s hard to predict whether these futuristic devices will catch on with a wide range of consumers, the trend is already off to a great start. As the Washington Post explains, “Wearable tech no longer has to be something that you pick up as a gimmick to impress your friends or a goofy gift you pick up for your hipster buddies around the holidays. Suddenly, wearable tech has the potential to be so seamless that it integrates into your everyday life without making you feel like an alpha nerd.” Geek heaven on earth? It’s no longer limited to CES.


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