The BIGfish team goes to a pre-screening of "Cape Spin."


Last Wednesday, May 30th,  the BIGfish team headed out to Coolidge Corner to attend a prescreening of the documentary, Cape Spin! An American Power Struggle. There at the historic Coolidge Corner theatre, a small gathering of individuals were invited to the prescreening of  the film which highlights the nearly decade long debate over the implementation of the first ever proposed offshore wind farm in America. The film captures both sides of the debate, surprisingly not split by political parties, but the constant battle between neighbors against neighbors and environmentalists against fellow environmentalists within the small community off the shores of the Cape.

(BIGfish team with Director Robbie Gemmel)

“Cape Spin” manages to capture a balance on both sides of the debate while mixing in comedic cues with a very serious subject matter to produce a well thought out documentary piece. Local college graduate and friend to BIGfish, Robbie Gemmel an Emerson College alumni, helped direct and produce the film. Through discussion with Robbie, apparently it took a little bit longer to get the movie developed. According to Gemmel, while pitching the idea to production houses, none actually wanted to pick up the piece. Low and behold, after 5 years of production it’s safe to say someone picked up the idea and decided to roll with it. In 84 minutes, the crew managed to capture both sides of the debate: the pro-Wind and the alliance anti-Wind group.
At the screening event itself, BIGfish met with the production team and fellow individuals of publications and organizations interested in the story about cape wind and the energy aspect. In fact, a street team from Mass Energy was there not only discussing the effects of wind energy, but also powering the event with their very own energy source outside the theatre.
“Cape Spin” will be officially released June 15th for the public at the Coolidge Corner theater in Brookline, MA. From then on, the executive team will travel up and down the east coast seaboard premiering their film in theaters. For more information on where you can see the film and the information on the film, click here.


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