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Meet Our BIGinterns, Annie and Amelia!

by Meghan Gabel

our team

A new office and address can only mean one thing: it’s time to welcome some new interns to our growing space!  We are excited to have to have Annie and Amelia join the team for the summer. Read on to learn more about these aspiring PR pros and why they’re excited to get started at BIGfish.  


Thank You to Our Summer PR & Copywriting Interns!

by Adriana Howell

boston our team public relations

It's hard to believe that it's already the end of August; this summer has (sadly) flown by. Over the last several weeks, we've been wrapping things up with our two summer interns, Julia and Kelly. Julia, our PR intern, worked hard all summer long building media lists, contributing to the BIGfish Twitter account, tracking clients' press mentions and much more. Kelly, our crafty copywriter, wrote dozens of articles for client Iceland Naturally, blog posts for BIGfish and pitches. We're definitely going to miss having them around, but wish them the best of luck as they head back to school this fall.  

PR Tips from BIGfish

Catching the BIGfish: What PR Pros Can Learn From a Day of Fishing

by Julia Taylor

public relations

As a New Englander at heart, the love for fishing and being out on the water comes naturally to me. The sounds, smells, memories and serenity that it brings are unique experiences that one cannot get elsewhere. Whether it’s taking a dinghy out on a lake or cruising the ocean in a motorboat, fishing is, and always will be, one of my favorite pastimes. Many people think that the trick to fishing is having the juiciest bait on the end of the line to allure the (BIG)fish. They think you can just throw a line in and voila!, you’ve caught one. Well, I regret to inform you that fishing is not that simple. It takes strategy and skill. It takes focus, determination, and an adventurous mind, and requires more than simply putting a worm on a hook.  

8 Free Tools To Help You Successfully Manage Social Media Accounts

by Anna Dow

social media

Being a social media manager is not an easy task. With several accounts to manage, monitor and measure, things can get a little hectic. To help, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best free social media tools that will help you save time and effectively manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.  

PR Personality Traits

Personality Traits That Will Make You Successful in the PR Industry

by Anna Dow

public relations

Are you a student considering a career in public relations? Do you think you have what it takes to succeed? Delving into the world of PR sounds great, but what will it take to stand out with so many qualified professionals out there? Here are a few important characteristics that will help you thrive in this highly competitive industry:  

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