Our Favorite E-Newsletters: Educate Yo Self


If you’re like me, you’re signed up for what feels like 100 email newsletters and often find yourself unsubscribing from irrelevant lists.

What e-newsletters should I subscribe to?

There are so many email newsletters out there – so which ones are actually worth subscribing to if you work in public relations? I’m here to be your email newsletter spirit guide. Below are some great lists that educate and inform and a few others that are just plain fun. Smash that subscribe button.


theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter.
Get the most important headlines of the day in a quick, easy-to-read email with theSkimm. The writers of theSkimm do a great job of making even the most complicated international affairs and intricate political stories easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Whether the biggest headlines of the day are about sports, politics, financial or any other kind of news, theSkimm has you covered. Click here to subscribe.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is the most popular sourcing service in the English-speaking world, connecting journalists with relevant expert sources to meet journalists’ demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories.
A fantastic resource for anyone looking to generate news coverage, HARO sends emails three times a day with a list of queries from reporters. If you can offer a reporter help or expert insight for a story they’re working on, simply send a pitch their way. Click here to subscribe.

Morning Brew

Cut through the clutter of dense, traditional business news. A quick and quality daily email newsletter for the millennial business professional. Morning Brew is the perfect read during your morning commute.
Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the financial world with this quirky, informative newsletter. At BIGfish, we are constantly reading the news as it pertains to our clients, but that doesn’t necessarily mean reading up on the latest financial market news. The Morning Brew is an easy way to catch up on the important stuff and to see how international markets are doing. Plus, trying to correctly answer the daily interview question before your coworkers is always fun. Click here to subscribe.

The Boston Calendar

The Boston Calendar is a place for Bostonians (and non-locals) to find interesting, fun, under-publicized, mostly-free events happening around the city and surrounding areas (e.g. Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline).
Stay up to date on the best local events (and have a laugh) with The Boston Calendar. I personally look forward to seeing Jim Martinho in my inbox every Thursday. The emails are chock-full of “events that don’t suck” and they’re delivered with wit and sarcasm that any true Bostonian would appreciate. Click here to subscribe.

MuckRack Daily

MuckRack Daily is a digest of journalism, written by journalists, delivered to your inbox daily.
In addition to providing a media database, MuckRack also sends out daily emails covering the latest trending news stories and providing a who’s who in the world of journalism. MuckRack Daily is really useful for PR pros who want to know what journalists in any field are covering and what they are talking about online. It’s an easy way to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry at large. The only downside to this one is the inconsistency. You never know when you’ll get your MuckRack Daily email, and we often receive it late in the evening when we’re less likely to read it and the content is less newsworthy. Click here to subscribe.

The Icelander

The Icelander is the official e-newsletter for Iceland Naturally in North America. The Icelander is published by Iceland Naturally and sent out monthly, featuring travel and culture topics relating to Iceland.
This is may be a self-promotion (Iceland Naturally is a BIGfish client and we put out their newsletter), but it’s pretty great if we say so ourselves. Iceland has become a tourist hotspot, and the country is leading the way in gender equality, renewable energy and more. Subscribe to the newsletter to see that latest news, photos and events from Iceland as they pertain to the United States and Canada. Click here to subscribe.

Buzzfeed Animals

Just subscribe. You can thank me later.

what are the best email newsletters? Buzzfeed animals

What’s your favorite email newsletter? Anything else that’s worth subscribing to? We’d love to hear what you think: let us know in the comments below or tweet us @BIGfishPR.

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