June 26, 2015

Must-Have Gadgets for the Perfect Summer

Summer Gadgets

Are you a roadtripper, a camper, a pool party-hoster? Are you hoping to make summer 2015 a summer you’ll never forget? It’s definitely possible. But if your summer comes equipped with these handy, fabulous gadgets, you won’t even notice the pauses between fun and fun.

For the road trip: So you’re starting in Boston, heading south towards D.C, down through Louisiana, up towards the Canyons… that’s a lot of time in the car! Or maybe you’re just stuck in traffic on your way to the Cape. You’re probably nowhere near an outlet. That’s why your adventurous self will love the RIBBN Car Charger ($39.99-49.99), from BIGfish client TYLT. It comes with either an Apple Lightning or Micro-USB connector, plus a universal USB port for charging a second device. It’s also 3 feet long so it can reach to the backseat and its thick “ribbon” cable never tangles! Throw it from bag to suitcase to back of the car, and it won’t turn into a tumbleweed of cables.
For those hot, hot days: Fans are an essential part of the summertime, and you probably already have one or two at home. Of course they’re useful, but they can be annoying and are often ugly additions to your room. Well, except for the Dyson Cool Fan ($249.99), which is 70% quieter and uses 40% less power than previous models. Since the fan doesn’t use blades to project a stream of air, it’s never difficult to clean or dangerous to touch. Plus, the design is so sleek and modern, you may forget to put it away come winter time.
For throwing a party: Rule number one of any social gathering is that there has to be music! But ah, those outdoor summer parties aren’t always easy when it comes to blasting tunes. Putting your iPhone in a cup won’t cut it. With a TUNZ Bluetooth portable speaker ($99.99), a gadget from BIGfish client TYLT,  you can bring space-filling sounds to the beach, the poolside, a park, anywhere in the world, and instantly the mood shifts from hangout to party. TUNZ can play for up to 20 hours on one battery charge, and connects to your phone either via USB cable or Bluetooth. Plus with its internal battery, the TUNZ can also charge your phone.
For the camping trip: Camping out in the wilderness is a classic summer voyage. But it can be tough having to make all of your meals over a fire, especially if your firewood gets damp! Well, lucky us in the 21st century: cooking hot meals on a stove in the great outdoors is still possible with devices like the Jaccard Home N’ Away Portable Cooking Stove ($29.99). You can bring this little stove anywhere, and the flame can last for up to two and a half hours! Also helpful for any summer hurricane or heat wave power outages.
For the trip abroad: Parlez-vous français? Oui? Non? It’s okay. We love to travel to foreign countries, but sometimes our minds don’t love to learn a new language. It’s tough! But there are some ways to make it easier. Download the Google Translate app (free!) before your trip- there’s a new feature that allows you to take photographs of signs, and they are instantly translated! But if you need to translate dialogue in real-time, there’s a futuristic new device called Sigmo ($50) that receives your voice and automatically, instantly translates it into the desired language! How cool is that?

For anyone leaving home: Leaving the house unattended for days at a time makes all of us uneasy. It can be especially worrisome if the kids are staying home without you. But if you have a Ring Video Doorbell ($199), that fear will fade away like tan lines. This Wi-Fi video doorbell from Ring, a BIGfish client, lets you see and speak with visitors at your door from anywhere in the world via the free Ring iOS/Android app. When someone presses the button, or if the motion sensors detect movement, the doorbell begins recording HD video, which can then be saved and shared with neighbors or law enforcement officials. With Ring, you can have the type of security you probably thought only existed in movies!
Though traveling is one of life’s greatest sources of happiness, it isn’t always easy. Having these handy gadgets can certainly help make travel less stressful and more fun! Any other travel suggestions? Tweet us @BIGfishPR and let us know what your favorite gadgets are!

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