Four Brands & Publishers Successfully Embracing Earth Day

Earth Day

Holidays and other big public events provide a great opportunity for brands to insert themselves and their message into new conversations where they may not have otherwise had a voice. Take the World Cup, for example, which we reported on last summer–brands embraced the social media chatter surrounding the event, and came up with some pretty entertaining commentary that got them noticed (who could forget this Snickers’ tweet?).
In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up a few brands and publishers that have successfully embraced today’s green trend.


Uber encouraged riders in the Northeast to #DitchYourKeys to “help curb pollution and keep beautiful New England a healthy place to live, work and, play.” From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today, riders will have the option of requesting an UberGREEN, a hybrid or electric vehicle. The ridesharing service is already a great way to eliminate the need for personal cars, and today it’s even more eco-friendly.
Uber Green

Ben & Jerry’s

It’s hard not to love Ben & Jerry’s, but their Earth Day campaign makes the company even more likable. The Vermont-based creamery is encouraging everyone to help the planet this Earth Day, whether that means signing the 100% Clean Power Petition, sharing photos and videos from the Climate Reality Project or even planting a tree! Ben & Jerry’s isn’t just jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon–the company’s three-part mission is built on the idea of harnessing “innovative ways to make the world a better place.” Once you’re done your good green deed of the day, why not celebrate with a pint of Cherry Garcia–you’ve earned it!

The company’s simple Earth Day awareness campaign is sure to resonate with their 287K Twitter followers.


Planet Earth is a beautiful place, but according to Mashable, also “totally screwed.” In a visually stunning article, the publisher shared a series of photos to remind readers “of the beautiful, massive world we call home, and why the international community needs to take action now to save it.” Click here to see the complete post. If this doesn’t inspire you to go out and make a difference in our world, we’re not sure what will!
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.05.53 PM

Lands’ End

The iconic American lifestyle brand has a solid track record of sustainability, and today launched their “Lands’ Friendly” initiative “to continually strive to be a leader in sustainability,” writes Forbes’ Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle. Since 2012, Lands’ End has been a part of large-scale plantings in U.S. forests – totaling over 500,000 trees – and is currently reevaluating how they distribute their mail catalogs in an effort to cut down on paper usage and waste.
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