#fbf: Where Our Tech Public Relations Agency Got Its Start

BIGfish Office Space

While BIGfish’s current office space has been praised by Fast Company for its design, things didn’t start out that way. In fact, when the company was founded in 1999 by our fearless leader David Gerzof Richard, the space didn’t even have windows. But our upgraded, sunlit office isn’t the only mark of growth for this formerly one-man operation.

Old BIGfish Logo
The first BIGfish logo, complete with an oil-painted hammerhead shark.

David knew he needed help from day one: “I thought I could run the business myself. I was wrong. So I recruited people better than me and gave them all the support, guidance and resources they required.” He wanted to create a PR and marketing agency that went beyond writing press releases; he envisioned a team that knew how to tell captivating stories that would be impossible to ignore.

BIGfish Business Card
Something’s fishy: President David Gerzof Richard’s first BIGfish business card.

And that’s exactly what he did. Sixteen years later, the company has grown in employees, clients and results. David says, “I knew we were going to be successful based on the results we were, and still are, producing.”

BIGfish Hook Logo
This newer BIGfish logo was developed in part by resident creative mind and Vice President, Jessica Crispo.

Things still aren’t slowing down. “I see us plotting a steady course continuing to work with a great roster of highly innovative clients and a team of highly talented technology PR practitioners,” he added.
For a company that’s been around for 16 years, adapting with the times is a must.
“BIGfish has evolved over the years as the needs of the industry changed; sometimes focusing more on branding and web development, then shifting back toward PR, then evolving to keep pace with the always-changing needs of digital media,” according to Jessica Crispo, BIGfish Vice President & Partner, who joined the team as an intern in 2002. When Jessica started, the team was smaller and worked mainly with very early-stage startups. She transitioned into a leadership role and started tackling many of our behind-the-scenes functions. “But I am still doing what I love: managing production and all things creative.”

Current BIGfish Logo
The current BIGfish logo (we think it’s an improvement).

While BIGfish’s work may have evolved with the industry, the core of the company has remained consistent. Account Director & Partner Meredith Frazier has been with the company for over five years and has risen through the ranks to the role she fills today. “When I joined the BIGfish team as an intern in 2010, there were some different employees and different clients, but overall the vision for the company has remained the same. There’s always been a focus on working with innovative clients that are doing well and doing good. That’s what attracts such an amazing team of publicists!”

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And this amazing team is hiring: check out our careers page for more information!

BIGfish Office Before and After
From humble beginnings: on left, David recently visited the original BIGfish office space. On right, he stands in his favorite spot in the current office, the lovely place where the account team works.

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