Facebook: The Next Generation of Search


According to a recently published report, a team of about two dozen engineers is currently working on a project to turn Facebook into a search engine. This news has big implications for existing search engines like Google and Bing. Every day, millions of users publish content to, share, and like Facebook pages. Every brand with a budget has a Facebook presence. While Google +, Google’s attempt at a social network, has never really taken off with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Facebook sees most of the published content on the internet. A Google search for something like a dessert place will yield pages of results. A Facebook search for a dessert place will show you the closest location with the most likes. It presents you with the best choice, and you didn’t even have to weed through the first page of options, as you might have to do with Google. It will be very interesting to watch how the team develops the Facebook search engine, and what the company chooses to do with it.

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