How to Get Press Coverage at CES 2023


CES, The Consumer Electronics Show is the most well-attended technology trade show in the United States. Tech brands and companies from all over the world travel to Las Vegas for a week in January to unveil new products, announce new deals and get face time with some of the most well-known technology reporters and outlets in the industry. With over 6,000 registered members of the press attending CES every year, the opportunities to tell a technology brand’s story are nearly endless. There is a lot of competition and noise that companies must break through to have their products and announcements get press coverage at CES. Finding the right PR agency early can really help a brand effectively navigate the CES media landscape and ensure solid news coverage.
BIGfish PR has participated in every CES since 2006, and we understand how important this annual event is for the technology brands we represent; we will commence our CES preparations in September 2022. From drafting press releases and scheduling press briefings to managing press events, and securing top-tier coverage, BIGfish gets press and knows what steps to take long before our clients land in Las Vegas.  In anticipation of CES 2022 and to share our CES know-how, we’ve pulled together a timeline of what a CES PR engagement typically looks like.

September – October 2022

January does seem like a long way away in September, but it is the perfect time to start thinking about and working on your CES game. September is the ideal time to engage with a public relations partner and begin planning and strategizing how to make your brand’s appearance at CES a strong and valuable one. By engaging early, comms teams like BIGfish PR can develop a deep understanding of your product(s) and how they will stand out at the show.

When BIGfish nails down CES messaging and PR plans.

If one word were to describe September at BIGfish PR, it would be “organization.” The BIGfish PR team spends the month tracking down due dates for CES Best in Show Awards and preparing materials for top press shows like Unveiled, Pepcom and ShowStoppers. By taking the time to organize our CES gameplan as early as September, BIGfish can ensure all the bases are covered before the team arrives at the Las Vegas Convention Center and nothing is left to chance.

Once October rolls around, the BIGfish office is in full CES mode. Developing a strategy that best aligns with our clients’ announcement goals, the BIGfish PR team spends the month planning, drafting talking points, FAQ documents, and creating press kits for the upcoming news announcements that can answer any reporter questions that might arise. With weekly client calls to discuss developments, the BIGfish team brings forth an unparalleled level of commitment, engagement, and expertise and begins to feel like an extension of your company’s internal communications team.

November – December 2022

Between Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are only 37 business days in November and December combined. It’s crunch time for CES. By November, the overarching strategy of your CES appearance is planned. Your PR agency already signed you up for the press events that take place off the CES show floor and submitted the materials these shows need, such as social posts, media kits, and tabletop materials. With announcement details finalized internally, your PR agency should have a draft press release for approval before you depart for the Thanksgiving holiday.

When BIGfish starts getting press meetings lined up.

Once the press release is finalized by late November or early December, the BIGfish PR team begins targeted embargoed outreach to the CES, Pepcom, and ShowStoppers pre-registered press lists to arrange embargoed interviews and ensure reporters have enough time to prepare a story that goes live when the press release is scheduled to cross the wire.

The BIGfish PR team meticulously combs through the pre-registered press list provided by CES and additional press events to find the many contacts we regularly work with, as well as new reporters who are likely to cover the announcement. We also spend the months of November and December arranging press briefings for our clients while they are in Las Vegas. Through thoughtful, aggressive pitching, the BIGfish PR team is able to get your company’s spokespeople face-time with influential tech reporters to help build lasting relationships.

January 2023 and Beyond

When the BIGteam sees a reporter they’ve been in touch with across the room.

The new year is here and so is CES. Months of preparations have led to just five short days in Las Vegas. With many details falling into place in December, the week before CES is spent finalizing stories, confirming press meetings, and sharing a detailed action plan of what clients can expect when on site.

But perhaps the most important part of participating in CES is what comes after all the tech reporters leave Las Vegas and your company returns home. While CES is the place to announce your products, maintaining relationships with the press who covered your announcement and stopped by on the show floor is a critical component of ensuring lasting positive coverage. BIGfish is skilled at handling these relationships and turning announcements into reviews and reviews into features.

CES is a great opportunity for companies to make a splash on the consumer electronic scene. Finding the right PR agency to help you make that announcement can turn a splash into a wave of lasting press hits. BIGfish is always looking for new and innovative companies to add to our roster of game-changing clients.

At BIGfish PR we’re always looking for new and innovative companies to add to our roster of game-changing clients – if you are interested in hearing more about our CES offerings, contact us or click here to have a team member contact you with more information!


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