July 16, 2012

Billion Dollar BIGfish Announcement


The Client:
Based in Cambridge, MA, GreatPoint Energy focuses on producing clean, low cost natural gas from a variety of materials such as coal, petroleum coke, and biomass using their bluegas process. Bluegas is one of the most energy efficient and cleanest technologies that’s inexpensive to produce.The goal of GreatPoint Energy is to establish, develop, and operate bluegas production facilities globally with the help of local partners. With over 20 years of research and experimenting GreatPoint Energy believes they can now successfully manage and provide this new technology globally.

The Challenge:
GreatPoint Energy announced a $1.25 billion investment with Wanxiang Holdings. As the company’s marketing communications agency, BIGfish Communications carried the flag in raising awareness of the partnership agreement across national, regional, and business media outlets.GreatPoint Energy and BIGfish Communications have maintained a strong relationship for several years, beginning when the start-up company was quite small. Throughout the relationship, BIGfish has guided the development of a media relations strategy to bring the technology to market.When it was time for GreatPoint Energy to make an announcement about the $1.25 billion deal with Wanxiang it was BIGfish’s job to create and raise awareness of a secured project investment funding of $1.25 billion from Wanxiang to help construct and finance the first phase of a natural gas production facility. The facility will be placed in the Peoples Republic of China and will use the Bluegas technology GreatPoint Energy created. As a result, Wanxiang would maintain as a large shareholder of GreatPoint and be a part of the Board of Directors of the Company. The ultimate challenge for BIGfish was to announce the deal in major regional news outlets such as the Boston Glob and to secure media placements in additional news, technology, and energy-related outlets.
The Result:
Through the efforts of BIGfish the story was successfully pitched to many news outlets including two major Boston outlets, the Boston Globe and WGBG. The Boston Globe featured the deal on the front page of the Globe’s prestigious newspapers. The BIGfish team carefully curated the development of the story with the article’s reporter, Erin Ailworth, and secured the story on the front page of the May 21 issue of the Boston Globe. Within thethe deal news was picked up from multiple news sources including being feature on the front page of The Boston Globe, Boston Innovation, along with a guest interview spot on PBS’ local affiliate, WGBH. The president and CFO of GreatPoint Energy, Daniel Goldman, was interviewed on Greater Boston May 30th 2012. The interview conducted asked Goldman details about the company and the goal. Through BIGfish’s efforts, the story was also picked up by Yahoo! Finance, Street Insider,and Reuters. Currently, we’re holding off on additional press coverage at this time, but continuing to work together for marketing efforts.This case was exceptionally successful and we are lookign forward to continued developments from GPE.

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