BIGnews in the Tech World: CES 2018 Edition


Well, ladies and gents, just like that, the biggest tech event of the year has come and gone. In its wake, CES 2018 has left us with some seriously exciting tech news, as well as some bizarre debuts you almost had to see to believe. We know it can be overwhelming to keep tabs on every new gadget featured at CES, so this week’s tech round-up will be entirely dedicated to the best and worst of CES. So find a comfy chair and settle in, we’ve got some wild news for you.

Samsung: “The Wall”
We’re suckers for a new TV here at BIGfish (who wouldn’t want to watch The Crown on a fancy screen?!) but Samsung’s “The Wall” was truly somethin’ else. The Wall is a 146-inch modular TV featuring self-emitting MicroLED technology that merges multiple borderless MicroLED TVs into one giant screen, occupying an entire wall (see what they did there?). It’s module design means it can be customized into different shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. Now all we need is a bucket seat and some popcorn and we’re sold (until the price is released then we might need to reconsider).
HTC Vive Pro
With the exception of those of us on the BIGteam prone to motion sickness, this new VR headset blew us away. The HTC Vive Pro features improved display resolution and pixel density, a dual front facing camera, and dual microphones and headphones with a built-in amplifier. HTC has also confirmed that it will offer an official Vive Wireless Adapter this summer which is sure to make the device an even bigger hit.

Toyota e-Palette

Toyota is taking “homebody” to a whole new level, and let us just say, we are here for it. This week at CES, the auto giant unveiled its plans to bring retail stores or restaurants right to your home. Deemed the “e-Palette,” this new service would feature autonomous vehicles that bring entire small shops or food trucks right to your door. With virtually endless use-cases, this new idea could quite literally change shopping, dining, and a whole wealth of other industries as we know them.
(Imagine wanting to do a little shopping and having a mini H&M just show up at your house…)
Kohler Numi
Have you ever thought to yourself, “boy, you know what’s missing in my life? A smart toilet.” No? Neither have we. And yet that is precisely the solution Kohler is offering with Numi, a smart-toilet that is bluetooth enabled and features an auxiliary cord, air dryer, heated seat and foot warmer, all of which seem wildly excessive for a toilet. We’re using the bathroom, not driving cross country in a snowstorm, here. Not only is the idea itself pretty over-the-top, but this toilet will put you back a staggering $7,000. (Again, we’re talking about a toilet here. For $7,000….)
The BIGteam wasn’t the only one raising an eyebrow at this bizarre innovation; the toilet has plopped onto a few other “worst of” lists as well – not exactly the goal at CES.
Modius Health Headset
We’re all guilty of trying weird things to try to lose a few pounds every now and then, but Modius Health’s latest product is downright scary. The company’s latest device is a plastic headset featuring little sticky electrode pads that you attach to the back of your ears. When you turn the headset on, it starts sending electrical signals to your brain with the goal of stimulating the hypothalamus to make you less hungry and change the body’s “set point.”
The problem is there’s very little evidence to suggest this will actually work and those who have tested the product report it ultimately just gives you a headache. Thanks Modius, but we’ll stick to our treadmills.
If you haven’t seen this video of LG’s smart assistant’s trainwreck debut, you absolutely must. It’ll be the most painful and hilarious minute and a half of your day. During its CES debut, LG’s Cloi, clammed up and stopped replying to the presenter’s request. The device that had been described as “ultimate in simplicity when managing your smart home,” ending up being the ultimate failure of CES. Ya really hate to see it. Better luck next year, LG.
That’s all we’ve got for you today, folks! Were you at CES 2018? What were some of your favorite tech products? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @BIGfishpr!

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