Apple Event: Should You Get the iPhone 7?


Yesterday was the day techies everywhere were waiting for: #AppleEvent. BIGteam members were glued to their Macs watching the livestream. Here are some of our major takeaways from the Apple Event:
The iPhone 7 is available and now I need to know if I’m due for an upgrade.
screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-14-23-amApple might have saved the best for last during its 2-hour special event, but let’s be honest: the unveiling of the iPhone 7 is the main reason most of us tuned in. So, how has Apple updated one of its signature products? Perhaps the biggest and most notable change was the rumor we all dreaded most: the removal of the headphone jack. The traditional headphones will be replaced with a Lightning port version (also known as the smaller charger that was introduced on the iPhone 5). The Lightning port headphones and a dongle adapter for your old headphones will be included with all iPhone 7s. Apple did explain its reasoning behind the move though, citing “courage:” removing the jack allows for better wireless audio and the creation of space for the taptic engine, another major change on the iPhone 7. The new feature enables the home button to become customizable and force sensitive
The iPhone 7 is finally a little bit more accident friendly, too as it’s water resistant and dust proof. Gone are the days where you can use the excuse of having your phone on you to keep you from getting thrown in a pool (but, it’s probably best to avoid having that happen anyway).
instaApple also touts that their new camera is the best out there, with a wider and sharper lens. The new camera also has an updated image signal processor that performs 100 billion operations simultaneously every time you take a photo and does it in 25 milliseconds. The larger iPhone 7 Plus has the added feature of a dual camera system that allows for true 2x optical zoom without loss of image quality. Coming in an update later this year, iPhone 7 users will also be able to take “portrait” style photos that create the shallow depth of field effect of a DSLR camera. Translation: more likes on your next instagram photo.
All of these changes are powered by Apple’s new A10 Fusion chip, which the company says makes the iPhone 7 the fastest smartphone on the market. The A10 Fusion is 120X faster than the original iPhone and helps to extend battery life by up to 2 hours.
iphone7plus-lineupImportant Questions:

  • How much will it cost? The iPhone 7 starts at $649 (the same price as the iPhone 6 it is replacing) while the iPhone 7 Plus is a bit more expensive starting at $769.
  • What color should I get? In addition to the previously offered rose gold, gold and silver, you can now get your iPhone in a matte black or jet black finish.
  • When can I order it? Pre order for the new iPhone begins September 9; shipping begins to select countries on September 16. Apple has yet to release what stores will be selling the iPhone 7.

Wireless Headphones…one more thing to constantly lose.
If you thought keeping track of your headphones before was difficult, just wait. Apple also launched its Air Pods wirelessheadphones headphones yesterday. The new headphones connect seamlessly with all Apple products and allow for 5 hours of listening for each charge. Their case also acts as the charging station and connects the pods to your device simply by opening it.
Important Questions:

  • How much will it cost? $159
  • When can I order it? Late October

iOS 10, an update you won’t want to “Remind Me Later” for the next 4 months.
The newest iOS might be the biggest update since iMessage changed from green to blue. The new features include a lift to wake feature and increased HomeKit capabilities. With the new update you can also use Siri to interact with 3rd party apps, like asking Siri to call you a Lyft. Apple Maps has also been updated to allow for more in-app capabilities, such as booking reservations for hotels and restaurants. iMessage is once again part of the iOS shake up, this time including stickers, confetti and bubble effects, which may sound like a third grader’s birthday party but are actually pretty cool.  
Important Questions:

  • When will I start getting the notifications to update? September 13

Apple Watch wants to be your new favorite fitness tracker.
The Series 2 Apple watch was announced at yesterday’s event, and the presentation almost made me want to put on some Nikes and go for a run… almost. The new Apple Watch runs on watchOS3, which debuted this past June, and has a dual core processor making the watch 50% faster and allowing for automatic GPS hook up. Created for those with an active lifestyle, the Watch is swimproof and better tracks fitness goals. The new emphasis on healthy lifestyle may be why Apple teamed up with Nike to introduce the Apple Watch Nike+ to be the ultimate “running partner.” For those of us who aren’t into ~traditional~ fitness, Pokemon Go is also coming to the Apple Watch, making it even easier to catch’em all.
Important Questions:

  • How much will it cost? Both the Series 2 Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike+ will cost $369.
  • When can I order it? The Series 2 Apple Watch will be available for pre-order September 9 and will go on sale September 13; the  Apple Watch Nike + will be available in late October.
  • But what will it look like? You can order a number of different bands and colors, and if you are feeling fancy you can get an Hermes one.

Apple makes education a priority
Tim Cookclassroom spent some time during his announcement to discuss Apple’s dedication to education, stating that education was a “great equalizer that is a powerful force for good.” Apple is extending its ties to the ConnectEd initiative by donating Macs and iPads to 4,500 teachers and gifting iPads to 50,000 students across the country. Apple is also pushing to add coding to the curriculum of more schools through its program Everyone Can Code. Sounds similar to BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School, who integrated coding into its curriculum three years ago.
Apple has also updated its iWork suite to allow for real-time collaboration between coworkers. In a similar fashion to Google Docs, users will now be able to work with others on slide decks and documents from different computers and track the changes that have been made.
Important Questions:

  • How exactly is Apple teaching kids to code? Through their software, Swift Playground, which is being implement in schools around the country this year.

marioThe biggest announcement of event: SUPER MARIO BROTHERS IS COMING TO THE APP STORE!
This might just be personal excitement, but Apple announced the Super Mario Brothers’ new game Super Mario Run will be made available only as an iOS app. The new game will be one of the 500,000 game apps available at the App Store, making it the most popular section of the store.
 Important Questions:

  • When can I download it? Super Mario Run will be available for purchase during the holiday season this year.
  • Where is my GameBoy so I can practice until then? Most likely in the back of your closet with your Tamagotchi.

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