As public relations experts, we take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders. Through public relations campaigns and corporate communications programs, we capture greater mindshare and market share for our B2B, B2B2C, and B2C clients.

Media Relations

When you have BIG FISH PR as your media relations partner, we handle all media interactions, both inbound and outbound. Beyond scrutinizing every opportunity to ensure it is worthy of your time, we carefully manage each story and reporter relationship to ensure accurate, on-message reporting, and well-timed coverage.

The BIG FISH PR team has personal relationships with an extensive network of reporters across various industries. We are always on the lookout for new reporters covering our clients’ industries, areas, partners, and competitors. Between our strong, existing relationships and our relentless search for relevant new, media contacts, we have amassed an impressive database of journalists to pitch using the targeted storylines we develop for each of our clients.

Strategy & Planning

A successful public relations campaign starts with a clear, thoughtful strategy that supports our clients’ business objectives. Tapping into our extensive PR experience, we analyze our clients’ brands, industries, competitors, and the overall news climate to develop measurable PR programs pinned to detailed road maps for how and when goals and objectives will be achieved.

Messaging & Positioning

At its core, public relations is storytelling, and every good story has a clear, consistent message. We work with our clients to define and develop captivating messaging that aligns with goals, reflects the brand’s identity, and resonates with target audiences. By effectively positioning our clients’ brands, we ensure that reporters and stakeholders alike are engaged and interested.

Press Releases

Reporters are accustomed to consuming news in press release format. For certain announcements, we may recommend drafting and distributing a release. BIG FISH PR drafts compelling, media-friendly press releases and ensures they get in front of the appropriate reporters for timely coverage.

Product Launches

Brands only get one chance to launch a product. We are experts at utilizing public relations strategies and tactics to ensure our clients’ launches make a splash. For over 22 years, BIG FISH PR has successfully unveiled countless products to the world, delivering measurable results, creating awareness, building credibility, and driving product interest and adoption.

Product Reviews

BIG FISH PR excels at getting our clients’ products and services into the hands of the right journalists with the right timing, effectively elevating the products to the next level. Our proven strategies make product review campaigns productive and seamless for both the client and the reviewer.

Gift Guides & Buyer’s Guides

Securing a coveted spot in a gift guide often yields millions of impressions during critical seasons when consumers are willing to spend money on the year’s best gifts. At BIG FISH PR, we recognize the significance of gift guides to our clients’ businesses and have developed strategies for securing these meaningful placements. From newspapers to blogs and national broadcast segments, we’ve got our clients covered when it comes to securing top-tier gift guides.

Media Training

Our client’s spokespeople are their front-line storytellers. It is critical that they are comfortable, informed, and on-message when speaking with journalists. From strategies and tactics for answering difficult questions to guidance on how to prepare and what to wear, our media training sessions fully prepare our clients for online, in-person, and broadcast interviews with the media.

Press Tours & Desksides

We plan and execute both virtual and in-person press tours and desksides. By taking a brand’s story “on the road,” BIG FISH PR can add a more personal element to client messages, increase exposure for key executives, and enable face-to-face discussions with journalists. We regularly manage press tours and deskside briefings, and have seen firsthand how they can increase the overall effectiveness of a PR campaign.

Event PR

For over twenty years, the BIG FISH PR team has represented clients at major industry events, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress (MWC), Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), TechCrunch Disrupt, and more. We know how important these and other industry events are for our clients and what it takes to be seen and heard by top-tier media onsite. Some of the world’s largest brands trust BIG FISH to manage their industry event press strategies, including scripting onsite product launches, coordinating news announcements, managing press conferences and briefings, and securing top-tier coverage.

Thought Leadership

There is much more to public relations than securing great press coverage; Establishing executives as experts in their fields through bylines, speaking opportunities, op-eds, and awards further establishes a brand as an industry leader. We know how to position founders, executives, and subject matter experts on specific topics and actively seek out opportunities to establish our thought leadership clients as credible, trusted sources.

Speaking Programs

Speaking programs further establish executives as industry experts and thought leaders. Our team manages speaking opportunities from start to finish. This includes developing event calendars, drafting and submitting abstracts, and connecting speakers with key event attendees.

Awards Campaigns

Industry recognition is critical to establishing a brand’s credibility. We manage award campaigns every step of the way, from seeking out relevant opportunities to submitting nominations. By targeting the accolades most valued by our clients’ industries, customers, and stakeholders, we establish our brands as leaders in their market spaces.

Reputation and Crisis Management

It takes years to build a brand; in an instant, a single crisis can tear it down. For over 20 years, BIG FISH PR has helped CEOs and brands navigate crisis situations. BIG FISH counsels brands and executive teams to identify potential crises, prepare crisis response plans, and run crisis readiness programs. When a crisis does strike, companies trust BIG FISH PR to rapidly and accurately manage the crisis response. We regularly coordinate our activities with legal counsel, public policy, and internal communication teams to assess and manage both potential and real risks.

Corporate Narratives and Storytelling

Companies with clear, concise, and memorable corporate narratives tend to see greater success launching and driving adoption of new products and services; oftentimes, they can also command premium pricing for those products and services. Strong corporate narratives tell a story of our clients’ brands and what they stand for, help position our clients as industry leaders, and increase their employee engagement. Whether BIG FISH PR is crafting a fresh corporate narrative for a startup or redeveloping an existing narrative for an established brand, we apply our storytelling skills and writing techniques to bring our clients’ corporate stories to life. As champions of big ideas, we make our clients’ brands the hero of their stories.

Executive & C-Suite Visibility

Brands, corporations, and institutions with a strong executive and C-Suite visibility strategy – one that showcases executives’ authenticity, knowledge, and expertise – attract and retain more top talent, see an increase in product demand, and experience greater brand awareness and loyalty. Over the years, the BIG FISH PR team has worked with numerous CEOs and executives from across a wide range of industries, helping them grow their presence and exposure as industry and thought leaders and trend-makers. We develop thought leadership platforms that place C-suite executives in both trade and mainstream news outlets through op-eds, bylined articles, and establish them as a regular, go-to source for stats, facts, and insights that spotlight subject matter expertise and industry leadership.

IPO Communications

Companies preparing to file for an initial public offering, an IPO, have a lot of communication hurdles to navigate and will find their external communication highly constrained if the right strategy and preparations are not put in place well in advance of filing an S-1. BIG FISH PR develops and executes programs for our clients that establish a high baseline of communication activities well in advance of an S-1 to elevate precedents for customary and normal communication. We use this time of increased communication frequency to tell unique stories that convey specific value propositions, demonstrate the company’s ability to deliver strong results, instill confidence, minimize risk, and help clients stay compliant throughout the entire IPO process.


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"Our collaboration with BIG FISH PR has been vital to the success of our public relations efforts. Their acumen, creativity, and responsiveness have helped us accelerate our awareness-building initiatives and develop an impactful, nimble PR program from the ground up. Thanks to their strategic counsel, deep expertise, and overall professionalism, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently exceed our goals across earned media, speaking engagements, award wins, and more. Simply put, partnering with BIG FISH PR has been pivotal to our success."
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