5 of the Best Brands Using Snapchat


Snapchat launched in September 2011, and in just five years, the app has changed the social media game completely. In June, Snapchat surpassed Twitter in active daily users, with over 150 million people using the app every day. Millennials account for seven out of every 10 Snapchat users, and 41% of all 18-34 year-olds in the U.S. are using this app, so it’s no surprise that companies have jumped on the 10-second bandwagon by creating their own accounts. Which brands are most effectively using Snapchat? Check out our top picks below!

Digital Trends – @digitaltrends
Whether the story of the day is about the LEGO Star Wars movie or China censoring tweets, Digital Trends’ Snapchat account always gives you a glimpse into the best tech news in an informational and entertaining way. Masters of mixing up content, DT does a great job of balancing video and photo content on their stories, as well as using just the right amount of text, stickers, and narrative from different people. As a tech-news outlet trying to cater to an audience through a less-serious social media platform, DT also does a great job of incorporating just the right amount of humor. At the end of their stories, DT always tells followers to go check out the full story on their website, pulling users in just enough to slingshot them to their other platforms.
Airbnb – @airbnb
Although Airbnb just launched their Snapchat account this past October, they have quickly mastered the social media platform. Airbnb uses Snapchat to share content from all over the world. Most recently, Airbnb has taken us to places like Hong Kong, Portland, Oregon, and the small French island of Guadeloupe via Snapchat. Here, Airbnb continues to carry out one of their slogans, “live there,” by giving free reign of the account to Airbnb users and hosts who show us what their modern Airbnb in Amsterdam looks like, what hidden gem restaurants have the best local cuisine in Cuba, and who their new Sicilian friends are. This intimate look inside the homes of strangers all over the world is perfectly in line with Airbnb’s goals and mission. Each story is unique, and as a follower, you never know where you’ll be, but you do know it will be breathtakingly beautiful!


The Infatuation – @InfatuationTV
For all of the foodies out there, The Infatuation’s Snapchat is going to be your new best friend. Founded in 2009, The Infatuation is a food review website and app for “anyone that is serious about food, but doesn’t take food too seriously.” Infatuation’s account regularly takes you through a day of local eats across the U.S. Recently, the account took followers on a visual tour of all of the best bites at Coachella and Governor’s Ball. Besides showing you delicious-looking food that will get your stomach growling in no time, Infatuation is also very crafty when it comes to how they present their stories. The snaps will make you feel like you’re getting an intimate look at all the best cuisine from locals who love food just as much as you.


Urban Outfitters – @urbanout
Urban Outfitters is a business that just “gets” millennials. The clothing store, which also manages Free People, Anthropologie and Terrain, has over 5 million followers on Instagram and 1 million on Twitter. Their Snapchat account specializes in creative videos with special effects. Sometimes, the company snaps from behind-the-scenes with models during photoshoots; other times it’s bopping around from UO store to UO store, showing how each location has a different personality. The account does a great job of highlighting events on Snapchat as well. Recently, UO’s story followed employees on floats during pride parades across the country. UO has also found the secret formula to hosting contests on Snapchat: this summer they let followers submit snaps in order to enter to win access to a party hosted by the company in Miami. 

National Geographic – @natgeo
While National Geographic owns a spot in Snapchat’s “Discover” feature, they also have a separate account which highlights more personal stories. NatGeo’s Snapchat stories follow some of the outlet’s top reporters and photographers around the globe on assignment. In addition to stunning photos and videos, there is also an added educational value to most of their content. With every new place they bring us to, an expert shares interesting facts about the location. Follow a photographer as she joins native tribes down the Amazon River or listen to a journalist talk about his experiences at a Ukrainian boy’s training camp. Viewers get a different sense of perspective and culture through this account, along with the ability to travel across the world via their Snapchat app.    

So, are you going to get your brand on Snapchat? Here are a few simple do’s and don’t’s to follow in order to really connect with your followers:

  • Do make sure the audience you’re trying to target is on Snapchat before making an account! (aka millennials).
  • Do utilize features like stickers, text, and filters to keep things exciting.
  • Do make your content original and exclusive to keep followers interested.
  • Do use Snapchat as another branch to grow your brand identity in creative ways.
  • Do cross promote. Advertise your Snapchat account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc. and vice versa!
  • Don’t make stories too lengthy or time-consuming. Remember, you can shorten the amount of time each photo/video is visible.
  • Don’t post too many videos of someone talking to the camera. Make sure your content is visually interesting and dynamic.
  • Don’t be too sales-y. The audience that is on Snapchat prefers genuine, transparent content and is quick to call out gimmicks.  
  • Don’t buy out all of the geo-lenses to promote your movie.

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