Streamline Your Entire Life With These Six Apps and Connected Products

With our daily lives getting busier and busier, smartphone and web apps have become increasingly important in our connected world. We rely heavily on technology to wake us up in the morning, get to work on time, navigate our way through foreign roads and point us in the direction of the best coffee in town. […]

Skimm Ahead: theSkimm’s New iPhone App Wants to Predict Your Future

TheSkimm has been bringing easy-to-digest news stories (and some much needed humor) to our inboxes with the Daily Skimm for a little over three years. Now, the company that made it their mission to tell us what big stories happened yesterday wants to tell us what’s happening in the future.

Vote for BIGfish Client GoodRx to Win a Webby Award!

GoodRx Nominated for Webby Award

It’s that time of year again – the Webby Awards are in full swing. And BIGfish client GoodRx is nominated for Best Health Website for their work in creating price transparency in the prescription industry. You can vote for GoodRx here!

The Boston Globe: Donald Trump’s America

Donald Trump hypothetical Boston Globe front page

In case you missed it, on Sunday, April 10, The Boston Globe issued a hypothetical front page showcasing what life would look like if Donald Trump were to become president. A bold headline reads “DEPORTATIONS TO BEGIN,” followed by a series of stories about sinking markets, an outrageous new libel law and Trump potentially landing on […]

The Best Brand April Fools Jokes of the Last 50 Years

April Fools’ Day is a worldwide celebration of practical jokes. Whether you’re playing a joke on your office mate, or taking it more mainstream,  here is a list of our personal favorites from the corporate world.