Which Press Release Distribution Platform Should You Use?

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Choosing the right press release distribution service is imperative to boosting the success rate and online visibility of your release. With dozens of similar services out there, finding the one that is right for you is a daunting task. We’re taking a closer look at some of the key features from four popular press release distribution services to help you determine which one is best for you.

There is no doubt that PRWeb is a leader in online news distribution – and for good reason. PRWeb has an online resource library that offers a plethora of press release ideas, white papers, strategies, and more.
Additionally, PRWeb’s distribution network is one of the best, with access to 30,000 journalists and thousands of blogs and newspapers just a click away. As the most socially-shared news release service, PRWeb also increases a client’s chances of going viral. A pool of over 250,000 subscribers are waiting to write about, tweet about, and share different releases.
PRWeb offers 4 different pricing options:

  • Basic – $99 per release
  • Standard – $159 per release
  • Advanced – $249 per release
  • Premium – $369 per release

These options are differentiated by the quality of outlets your release will be distributed to, as well as search engine visibility.
If you believe mobile is the future of the press release, NewsDriver may be the distribution service for you. Companies send NewsDriver their standard press releases and then they transform them into more engaging social and mobile stories by adding eye-catching images, a mobile-friendly layout, and even providing edits to the release to optimize SEO.
NewsDriver, like PRWeb, has a vast distribution network and guarantees an audience reach of at least 25,000 per press release. NewsDriver also custom edits each release for its intended audience by using targeted algorithmic optimization to ensure your news reaches the right people.
NewsDriver’s services, of course, do come with a price tag. The two main pricing options are:

  • Insights – $599/month
  • Always On – $1,599/month

The main difference between these two options is the audience reach. The “Insights” package guarantees a reach of 25,000 to 30,000, while “Always On” guarantees 75,000 to 100,000. If neither of these packages sound right for you, NewsDriver gives customers the opportunity to create their own unique program.
Business Wire
A faithful distribution service for the more standard press release is Business Wire. One big draw to Business Wire is its international coverage. It boasts a comprehensive selection of circuits (US, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific) to expose you to a variety of target geographic markets and audience demographics.
With Business Wire’s 92,000 subscribing journalists and distribution to over 89,000 media outlets, your release is bound to catch traffic. Business Wire will also format your press release to ensure your style elements carry through to downstream sites like Google News, Yahoo! Finance, and Dow Jones Marketwatch. If press releases aren’t your strong suit, Business Wire has a very responsive customer service team to help you out.
Business Wire determines cost differently than the rest. The price will be based on the length of your release and the circuit to which you send it. There is a base price of $760 for the first 400 words in each circuit. For every 100 additional words, there is a $195 charge, as well as extra fees for amplified visibility, engagement, and analytics.
Similarly to NewsDriver, Reportable prides itself on its eye-catching news releases. It features downloadable visuals, quotes, key takeaways, and much more to make the important information in your release the first thing readers see.
With the ability to edit releases after publishing and create multiple client accounts under one login, Reportable is very user-friendly. If you’re still having trouble, it also has a helpful customer service team ready whenever you need.
The pricing for Reportable is a one-time payment for unlimited use. The three different pricing options are created for small companies/startups, public companies, and agencies. For more pricing details, you can contact Reportable directly.
All in all, press release distribution services are a great way to boost your release circulation and help it get in the right hands. Hopefully you now have a better idea of which platform might work best for your needs. Which press release platform are you going to try next? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for more PR insights at @BIGfishPR!

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