Vote for DIRTT to Present at SXSW Eco 2016!


BIGfish client DIRTT, a Calgary-based interior construction company, is in the running to present at the internationally-recognized sustainability conference SXSW Eco 2016 – but they need your help to get there!
DIRTTbag (as DIRTT employees are affectionately called) Julie Pithers, alongside Pulitzer prize-winning author Ed Humes and sustainability expert Rob Kaplan of Closed Loop Fund, hope to share their insightful panel “Recycling is Overrated,” at the conference in October. The unique panel will explain why recycling can no longer be our #1 sustainability solution, and how organizations large and small should put a larger focus on the other two “Rs,” reducing and reusing. The panel’s four objectives include:

  1.  Discover hidden subsidies to keep us happy recycling.
  2.  Structures seem permanent, yet they fill 25% of our landfills. Learn about new, reusable construction methods that keep buildings out of any bin.
  3.  Find out how companies can redesign their products and packaging for zero disposal.
  4.  Explore the reasons why recycling alone can’t save the world.

Click here to view and vote for their panel.
Votes from the general public are a large factor (30%) in determining programming at SXSW Eco, which means DIRTT needs help from the community in order to present. Click here to view the panel proposal –  and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! Voting is open from May 9 – May 20.
BIGfish and DIRTT appreciate your support!

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