The BIGteam’s Favorite Sustainable Products

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Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite sustainable and environmentally friendly products that you should know about.

Flo by Moen 
The average U.S. household loses 17 gallons of water a day to undetected leaks; that’s 1 trillion gallons of water a year or  enough water to supply residents of Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami for an entire year! This water saving product continuously checks your home for potential leaks and automatically shuts off your water if one is sensed. You’ll be able to track all leaks, set water consumption goals, and shut off your water with the Flo app! This product is a sure way to conserve water (and money!).

A dream come true for avid note-takers, Rocketbook is a digital, eco-friendly notebook that can be reused countless times. After you’ve filled up the pages, just upload your notes to a cloud service of your choice and wipe the pages clean to reuse them! No more buying new notebooks every semester, bringing the wrong notebook to a meeting, or losing pages. Rocketbook saves trees, saves money, and gives you organized notes!

Onewheel runs on battery power alone, meaning it doesn’t cause pollution. So when you’re looking for a sustainable, ‘planet-saving’ way to get around, all you have to do is practice balancing and off you go!  

Optimus Ride
Optimus Ride provides efficient and sustainable self-driving vehicle solutions to geofenced areas such as universities, planned communities, resorts, and more. Their light weight, electric vehicles offer a more efficient and sustainable means of transportation to the communities they serve. Optimus Ride has deployed its services in a few communities around the country, transforming mobility for the residents. Look out for them in your neighborhood someday!

Did we miss anything? What are some of your favorite sustainable products right now?

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