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BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School was accepted to present at SXSWedu 2017! Their panel focuses on the benefits of unlearning.

BIGfish Client Beaver Country Day School Accepted to Present at SXSWedu 2017!

by Adriana Howell

boston successes

They’re in! BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School, a nationally-recognized independent school for grades 6-12, today announced it has been accepted to present at the prestigious SXSWedu 2017 Conference & Festival! This is Beaver’s third time presenting at the annual conference; click here to learn more about the school’s 2014 presentation “The Coded Curriculum” and here to explore its 2015 panel “The Coded Curriculum: A Year In Review.”  

Beaver hopes to return to SXSWedu 2017 to present a panel on unlearning.

Vote for Beaver Country Day School to Present at SXSWedu 2017!

by Chelsea Higgins


BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School hopes to make it to SXSWedu 2017 next March, but needs help from the community in order to get there. One of the nation's leading independent schools, Beaver is already a SXSWedu veteran: they presented for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 on its pioneering “Coded Curriculum,” and are hoping to return again next March. This year, the focus is on the power of unlearning.  

SXSWedu Beaver Country Day School

Vote for Beaver Country Day School to Present at SXSWedu 2016!

by Adriana Howell


Beaver Country Day School, an independent school for grades 6-12 located just outside of Boston, hopes to return to SXSWedu for the third time, but needs the community's support to get there. For the past two years, Beaver has presented at SXSWedu showcasing their ground-breaking initiative, the “Coded Curriculum.” This year, they hope to return to the conference to share information on another innovative area of the school: its design.  

Vote for Beaver Country Day School to Present at SXSWedu 2014!

by BIGfish

public relations technology

BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School, Chestnut Hill’s independent school for grades 6-12, is implementing a coding requirement this year, meaning every student will know how to read and write code by graduation. Beaver is in the running to present this innovative program at SXSWedu 2014, a four-day event featuring  presentations from educators nationwide who are committed to engaging learners with modern tools and content. Votes from the general public are a large factor in determining programming, so Beaver needs your help! Click here to vote for Beaver’s “The Coded Curriculum” proposal now!  Cast your vote by clicking the thumbs up in the top left corner.

Our Future is Written in Code

According to Code.org, 1 million of the best jobs in America may go unfilled because only 1 in 10 schools teach students how to code. Our society’s insatiable hunger for everything digital can only be satisfied by computer scientists, yet we don’t have enough of them.

Organizations like Code.org and she++ emphasize the urgent need to break the stereotypes associated with computer science and to teach the next generation to code. Most students take their first computer science class in college where they’re already a step behind. This first class can be intimidating and sometimes prevents students from learning more about computer science.

Beaver Country Day School is addressing this issue and implementing action immediately. As a new graduation requirement, each and every student at Beaver will learn to code. Faculty and staff recognize that this knowledge will open incredible opportunities for their students. Beaver has trained teachers to integrate coding concepts into classes such as math, science and art and emphasize topics such as creative problem solving rather than language syntax.

Vote Now!

You can vote for Beaver to present at SXSWedu through September 6 by logging into the SXSW PanelPicker and giving Beaver’s “The Coded Curriculum” proposal a thumbs up! Beaver wants to use the national platform of SXSWedu to spread the word about the importance of coding and inspire teachers and schools around the country to implement similar programs. Beaver Country Day School and BIGfish appreciate your support in Beaver’s quest to present at SXSWedu. We’ll keep you posted when SXSW makes their decisions!

Check out this video to learn more about what the coded curriculum means for Beaver’s students.


Mashable Features Beaver Country Day School for Innovative Use of Social Media

by BIGfish

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BIGfish client Beaver Country Day School was featured in Mashable today for their innovative use of social media in an article titled, "The Teacher's Guide to Facebook." History teacher and tech integration specialist Melissa Alkire said, "In our classes we seek to engage in authentic discussions targeting multiple perspectives, and accessing this through social media has allowed us to build relations with schools around the globe, including Pakistan, South Korea, Egypt and Afghanistan. Social media has extended the classroom walls and broadened our audience." To read the entire article, click the photo above or click here.

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