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Total Press Hits
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Formlabs engaged with BIGfish to create national awareness of the company as the leader in 3D printing and establish its executive team as expert sources in the product design, manufacturing and 3D printing spaces.

Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything. Their line of affordable, professional-grade 3D printers has reshaped the 3D printing industry and helped the company grow from Kickstarter to unicorn. 

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To build Formlabs’ brand as a pragmatic force of innovation, BIGfish highlighted bold industry insights and predictions from Formlabs’ leadership along with user stories to further support claims. Beyond amplifying Formlabs’ product announcements and company milestones, BIGfish conducted regular creative outreach to further build the company’s reputation.

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Over a 15 month period, BIGfish launched 10+ products, including hardware and materials, communicated the Formlabs COVID-19 response initiatives, and built up the company's presence in mainstream media. These efforts have resulted in over 1,300 press hits and over four billion impressions.



As a result of BIGfish’s flexible and agile approach to public relations strategy and ongoing creative outreach, Formlabs is widely regarded as a go-to source on all things manufacturing, supply chain, and 3D printing. BIGfish continues to tell Formabs’ unique story in the media as the company announces new products, materials, and more.

Business Insider logo

Joe Williams

, How Marvel is using 3D printers from providers like Formlabs

, Business Insider

"To Bobbitt, Formlabs is a sign of things to come, as 3D printing looks to upend the traditional manufacturing process: While 3D printing existed as far back as that "Star Trek" movie, it wasn't until recently that the technology was available at a "price point that is accessible to the consumer." He's enough of a fan that one of Formlabs' printers can be seen as a prop in Hank Pym's workshop in "Ant Man.""

WSJ logo

John Stoll

, These Firms Are in No Rush to Say ‘Made in the U.S.A.’

, Wall Street Journal

"Many small businesses that rely on 3-D printers, such as dental labs, saw revenue wither during pandemic lockdowns, but were able to pivot to manufacturing personal protective equipment and other vital gear."

Jill Krasny

, These 4 Unsung Heroes of the Covid-19 Pandemic Just Might Inspire You

, Inc.

"Formlabs never intended to be a biomedical startup, but on March 17, five days after sending its 550 employees home to work, it became one. USF Health, which, like hundreds of health systems' hospitals, ​uses Formlabs' 3-D printers for surgical devices and medical education, wanted to know how many Covid-19 test swabs it could print at a time."


, Formlabs launches new medical-grade resins

, MedTech News

"In diversifying the medical resins available to the healthcare community, it’s hoped these new BioMed resins will enable researchers, surgeons, radiologists, and beyond, to provide patients with personalized, precision healthcare."

Evan Nicole Brown

, The race to 3D-print 4 million COVID-19 test swabs a week

, Fast Company

"But 3D printers are working on filling the manufacturing gap for other medical equipment, too. Formlabs, which is based in Somerville, Massachusetts, and has shipped more than 60,000 3D printers worldwide, has also created face shields and is now producing 3D printed nasal swabs for COVID-19 test kits."

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