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About LightForce Orthodontics 

LightForce Orthodontics is a digital platform providing orthodontists with fully customized, 3D printed tooth-moving tools. As the world’s largest manufacturer of directly 3D printed functional medical devices by volume, LightForce provides orthodontists with a comprehensive braces solution that improves treatment efficiently and outcomes for patients. 


LightForce Orthodontics Goals 

The approach to braces had gone unchanged for nearly a century, until LightForce entered the market in 2020 with custom 3D printed brackets that empower orthodontists to deliver personalized care. To fuel company growth and innovation, LightForce secured $80 million Series D funding that will enable it to advance its mission to empower orthodontists to deliver personalized care with custom 3D printed brackets. 

BIG FISH was tasked with announcing LightForce’s Series D funding to create awareness for the company as the only directly 3D printed solution for orthodontics. 


The BIG FISH Strategy 

To successfully announce LightForce’s Series D funding on a short timeline, BIG FISH implemented a media-forward strategy that hinged on an exclusive. We secured an embargoed exclusive interview with a tier 1 media publication as well as conducted embargoed outreach to line up coverage in business, tech, Boston local, and trade publications to create a splash on the launch date.

When the news was live, BIG FISH pitched the story widely, expanding coverage and briefing opportunities. We handled inbound requests for additional briefings, hosting 6 in total.



On the morning of the launch, Axios Pro broke the news with the exclusive, followed by coverage in Boston Business Journal, Crunchbase News, Fabbaloo, TCT Magazine, Venture Capital Journal, Becker’s Dental Review, and more. 

Overall, all coverage was positive and focused on how LightForce will use the funds with dental trades highlighting how LightForce will further orthodontic education and local Boston outlets emphasizing LightForce’s local growth with the new facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The range of coverage across local, mainstream, and dental trade press created awareness of LightForce in tech, VC, and local markets. Message pull-through was strong, with coverage highlighting LightForce’s personalized, 3D printed system and BostInno noting that the company “is on a mission to rid the world of one-size-fits-all braces and replace them with personalized, 3D-printed braces.” 

In the weeks following the announcement, coverage continued as a result of outreach and additional briefings. Fortune, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, and others covered the Series D, and Forbes included LightForce in a feature story about how 3D printing is changing orthodontics. 

In total, the news was featured in 38 different stories which included 11 tier 1 articles and 10 newsletters for a total reach of over 220M. 

BIG FISH’s media forward strategy resulted in an exclusive in Axios Pro, followed by 37 other articles and newsletters for a reach of over 220M.

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