June 1, 2011

Owning Industry Press Coverage, Even If You’re Not An 800 Pound Gorilla


The Client
PhoneTag delivers the best voicemail-to-text service available on the market.
The Challenge
PhoneTag came to BIGfish with 20 beta users, needing help with product positioning, developing their corporate message, launching their service and maintaining a four year long competitive PR campaign. PhoneTag raised five million dollars and was up against one very large competitor, Spinvox, which raised nearly $500 million. BIGfish was tasked to launch the product and compete with Spinvox in the public media arena. In such a new industry, the media winner would most likely win new customers, partnerships and integrations with major telecommunication companies.
The Result
As a result of BIGfish’s PR and marketing campaign, PhoneTag ran circles around Spinvox, which burned through a string of very large PR firms. With seven employees, no sales team and the support from BIGfish, PhoneTag grew to 30,000 paying users in the first year and received product reviews from top-tier press including: the front page of The New York Times business section, Walter Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal personal technologycolumn, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, PC Magazine, Inc. Magazine, PC World, InformationWeek, TIME, and Forbes, among other print and trade publications. Broadcast coverage included The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch, CNBC’s Power Lunch and Morning Call, CBS’s The Early Show, NBC’s The Today Show, CNN, Fox Business News, HGTV and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. BIGfish also worked closely with bloggers to maintain continual coverage on Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget and Mashable, among others. In 2010 unable to compete with Phonetag, Spinvox closed its doors, while PhoneTag was acquired by Ditech Networks. Today, Phonetag is integrated into every major US carrier network and BIGfish continues to advise on the product marketing and PR for the service. For a full list of media coverage attained by BIGfish on behalf of PhoneTag visit: http://bit.ly/PhoneTagNews.

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