Our Favorite App of the Month: Flipboard!

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The BIGteam is sharing some of our favorite apps and tools that make everyone’s busy lives a bit easier. Each month we’ll introduce an app that we can’t live without for you to try for yourself. Kicking off July is Flipboard!

What It Is:
Flipboard is a one-stop-shop platform to get all your news. Specific to your interests, Flipboard asks you what topics and headlines you care to follow on a daily basis and will provide the top stories within those guidelines. Once your interests are selected, the magazine-like platform will give you the top stories of the day, whether it be the newest tech release or a conversation about the “Game of Thrones” finale. The iOS and Android compatible app is free and works with your Facebook, Twitter or Google profile. 

Why We Love It: 
Keeping up with news and industry trends that pertain to your clients is an essential aspect of PR. The app ensures you are getting the top stories that will be most relevant to the trends you need to watch for and the news you are most interested in. When you create a profile, Flipboard gives users the ability to save articles they find most interesting or want to read again. From there, they can save the article into a “magazine” that will keep it within their profile. Here, they can create multiple magazines specific to certain topics or clients. Once a magazine is created, users can share the entire collection or specific articles with any from friends and family to clients. 
Tips for Using It: 
The more specific you make your search terms, the more relevant news you will receive on that topic. When breaking news occurs, Flipboard will alert users through push notifications making it the quickest way to become part of the conversation. 
How to Get It:
You can download the Flipboard app on your phone or computer through the app store on both Android and iOS. Both of the platforms provide the same homepage setup, making it easy to get the daily headlines. Once a profile is created, the possibilities are endless. 
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