MacBook Startup Disk Almost Full? BIGfish Client TarDisk Has You Covered.

TarDisk 1

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If you own a MacBook, you know one of the biggest problems faced is the dreaded, “startup disk almost full,” warning message. We’ve all seen it, and until recently, the only remedy was to search for large files and manually delete them or transfer them to an external hard drive where they’re no longer easily accessible.
Well, that’s all changing thanks to BIGfish client TarDisk, which launched its innovative solution yesterday. Invented by Harvard Business School alum, Pierce Schiller at the Harvard iLab, TarDisk Pear is the first device to actually merge with a MacBook’s SSD, creating a single hybrid drive for easier file management and increased storage. How does it work? Slide TarDisk Pear into your MacBook’s SD card slot, and voila! Your storage is increased by 128GB or 256GB, often doubling and in some cases tripling your available space.
Sounds pretty cool right? We’re not the only ones who think so. Check out what the media has to say below!

As tech PR professionals, we consider ourselves lucky to work with visionary companies like TarDisk. Now what are you waiting for? Go buy your TarDisk Pear today and extend the life of your MacBook!
P.S. It makes a great holiday gift for the Mac users in your life!

The countdown to TarDisk Pear’s launch, which took place on October 29, 2015 at 12:00pm EDT.

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